Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Skinny Cow products are one of my addictions, I love most of them. I love the taste of the ice-cream & the texture of the cookie/sandwich. I don't have to feel guilty about eating these. YUM

Yummy I really enjoy skinny cow ice cream. All the flavors are delicious and you can enjoy one without the guilt.

Absolutely delicious! I love Skinny Cow and all their offerings, but these ice cream sandwiches are the best. My whole family eats them, they taste better than any generic ones and they make you feel less guilty for eating one. The ice cream is rich and smooth and the chocolate wafer is substantial.

When you want to diet but still have amazing desserts every night. Skinny Cow ice cream makes sure that you don't feel deprived. These are delicious!

These are so good! Best go to for a bit of a splurge and don't have to feel guilty.

These are a great tasting low calorie treat! Good for anyone who loves ice cream, but is trying to watch their weight

I'm a big fan of all things skinny cow. Tastes amazing, you can't even tell it's low cal!

Husband loves these as I do. Great taste

Skinny cow is a great treat when you want to be naughty and indulge but also it won't hurt your waistline.

Yummy :)

So creamy and indulgent! Who would guess its low-cal?? Love these treats!!

I love not feel guilty after eating ice cream! These are fabulous!

I'm not big on ice cream sandwiches but this is as good as any other one I've tried and I feel better about eating it.

OMGoodness! my family I love Skinny cow treats. They are better for you and guilt free.

great tasting guilt free but a little on the pricey side