Skechers Shape-Ups

Skechers Shape-Ups

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I bought a pair of these when they first came out at the urging of a friend who said they helped her. I saw no different wearing these. No improved posture, no extra weight loss, etc. I actually got $40.00 of my $60.00 back when Sketchers were caught making false claims about these shoes and made them start paying people back.

I used these at work since I do a lot of walking but i didn't notice any difference in my legs or butt. Did make the arch of my feet hurt as well so not so comfortable.

I honestly don't enjoy my shape ups. They aren't very comfortable and I'm always falling due to the awkward back bump, I'm surprised I haven't broke anything yet.

I really don't know why people rave about this silly shoe. I've never been told by anyone that has tried wearing them that they enjoyed doing anything, but rocking back and forth in them while standing up.

These sneakers are a marvel in technology, they are SO comfortable and using them regularly has taken away my Plantar Fasciitis symptoms that were nearly crippling me by the end of a day of walking/standing. I don't know if they help shape or tone anything, nor do I care, as long as they keep my feet this comfortable.