Six Ways to Use Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

   By savvyjulie  Nov 21, 2011

Last year, I made quite the Thanksgiving feast, even though there were only three of us at dinner. We had enough leftovers to get us through at least 10 days of lunches and dinners. But as much as I love Thanksgiving dishes, I have to admit I was a little tired of the leftovers by the time we hit day three. So I searched for recipes to mix up the flavors and get creative with our meals. Here are six of my favorite ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers.

Turkey Pot Pies from Savvy Eats.

The filling for these individually-sized pot pies is made up of leftover vegetables and turkey. And if you want, you can replace the gravy in the recipe with about 3 ¼ cups leftover turkey gravy.

Brussels Sprouts, Potato and Turkey Hash from Serious Eats.

Not only will this recipe allow you to put your extra turkey to good use, but it will also use up some of your leftover gravy and vegetables as well!

Chicken Tetrazzini from Good Life Eats.

Everyone loves a baked pasta casserole. Use up some of that turkey in this delicious tetrazzini!

Turkey, Brie, Pear and Cherry Chipotle Panini from Cookin’ Canuck.

Turkey, cherry and brie make for a stellar flavor combination. I’d guess that this would also be great with leftover cranberry sauce as a replacement for the cherry jam!

Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad from Smitten Kitchen.

Just replace the chicken with an equal amount of turkey. This would be great on any leftover rolls or in a sandwich.

Chicken and Green Chile Enchiladas Verdes from Healthy Delicious.

To make these enchiladas leftover-friendly, simply replace the chicken breasts in the recipe with 1-2 cups chopped turkey.

How do you plan to use your leftovers?

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Turkey Pot Pies from Savvy Eats.

Turkey, Brie, Pear and Cherry Chipotle Panini from Cookin’ Canuck.


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