Six Easy Ways to Reduce Paper in Your Household

   By PGSustainabilityTeam  Apr 22, 2013

Quick – what’s the biggest source of clutter in your home office? Paper, of course! It can pile up, stress us out and make us feel disorganized. Do something good, for the environment and yourself, by following these easy tips to reduce the amount of paper piling up in your home.

Six Easy Ways to Reduce Paper in Your Household

  1. Sign up for e-bills whenever you can. Most companies welcome the chance to send your monthly statement via email rather than snail mail. If you’re worried about email inbox clutter, be sure to create and use an email address other than your work or school address.
  2. Use email. It’s quicker and easier than sending letters or notes (although a hand-written note is always special.) Sending an e-card is a great alternative to a greeting card, and your choices are more creative and plentiful than ever.
  3. Take your own bags to the grocery. Reusable totes are everywhere, and the more paper bags (or plastic ones) we can keep out of landfills, the better.
  4. Use digital coupons. Many retailers offer or honor digital coupons that shoppers can either load onto their shopper loyalty card or use on their smartphone. Sites like offer coupons that load right to your shopper card, saving paper AND money on your purchases. That’s a double win!
  5. Wrap gifts in pretty fabric, re-usable totes or make part of the gift a scarf or usable towel. No need to unnecessarily use wrapping paper when your choices are more eco-friendly.
  6. Sign up to receive your magazine and newspaper subscriptions on an e-reader. It usually just takes a few clicks and you carry all your favorites with you where ever you go.

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ancyrob by ancyrob | Kansas City, KS
Apr 24, 2013

I always reuse my printer paper, too, by printing on the other side. I even save papers I receive in the mail and print my coupons on these.

elliej502 by elliej502 | JACKSON, NJ
Apr 24, 2013

Any tips for controlling paper you receive from your child(ren)s school? I can never seem to get a handle on it!

tricia12 by tricia12 | Flora, MS
Apr 23, 2013

i already some of these but there are some really good ideas like wrapping gifts