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  • bubbymama09 By  bubbymama09    

    One of my go-to cooking mags of all time! Filled with such simple recipes, even the hubs can make them. I have a whole collection stocked up that I flip through often.

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  • wel21l By  wel21l    

    I like the resapies in this they easy to read and make,i like the other thinkg about it too

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  • sawinski1 By  sawinski1    

    I have had thiscooking magazine for a long time,its s good because it makes over some famous recipes.The recipes r quick and easy.And they give u a shopping list.

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  • jade28 By  jade28    

    I love receiving this magazine to all the great recipes and wonderful cooking tips! The grocery list is the best feature ever. A great time saver and really works for families on a budget!

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  • Shailynn By  Shailynn    

    This is my go to magazine that I have to have. It is truly a one of a kind! It has taught me how to cool and how to safe $ by using their grocery list. I have a huge stack of these magazines. I love back through them and trying out new recipes.

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  • hgoncalves By  hgoncalves    

    Great cooking magazine! I love the index in the back- it's organized by appetizers, sides, poultry, beef, pork, fish, desserts, etc. It's very easy to find a recipe and everything I have cooked from these magazines has come out delicious!

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  • mydniteskye By  mydniteskye    

    Love this magazine! Recipes are simple and not made of things that you have to search five counties for the ingredients. There is something for everyone in it! Try it!

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  • Moggy08 By  Moggy08    

    Reiman Publications has several great publications. I got my first issue of Simple and Delicious last week and have only had an opportunity to skim through it. I can't wait for the weekend so I can take my time and read each page. The recipes looked fantastic and I spotted a couple I will be sure to try. I love cooking magazines - especially when they have photos to go with the recipes. 5 stars from me!

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  • maddiebsgram By  maddiebsgram    

    Great magazine with wonderful, everyday recipes plus no ads.

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  • fabulouslywicked By  fabulouslywicked    

    I just love this magazine along with many others that Reiman Publications puts out. I know alot of the content can be found online on their site but nothing beats sitting down and pouring over the recipes and the pictures.

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