Simple Truth Organic  Cold Brew Coffee

Simple Truth Organic Cold Brew Coffee

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Smooth and strong I love how you can make this cold brew as strong or as weak as you want. The other cold brew concentrates I have tried are so bitter but this one is smooth.

A bit bitter Simple Truth makes some pretty decent beverages and I was eager to try this Cold Brew as I really enjoy Cold Brew iced coffee. I tried the regular product and it's definitely a lot more bitter than some other brands. You must enjoy this with lots of ice and as with any Cold Brew, be sure to add some water in it to dilute it.

Convenient, affordable, tastes great I love this! Convenient, affordable, tastes great. It's great when I'm running out the door and don't have time to brew a pot of coffee. I never buy coffee from shops like Starbucks because they're always so overpriced and don't taste better anyway.

Perfect for your Afternoon Pick Me Up Simple Truth Organic Cold Brew is PERFECT for when you want that iced coffee (that hasn't been sitting out all morning....because, kids). It's strong enough for me, and Iike my coffee dark and strong. I like my coffee wihout any sweetener/creamer and the dark roast is amazing. This is a staple in my fridge. I have two boys that I need to keep up with and during the summer, this is my drink!

Fresh Brewed Coffee is Delicious Cold. I think this Simple Truth Organic Cold Brew Coffee tastes great. It has a strong and fresh roasted flavor to it. I've never tasted cold brewed coffee before and was really surprised at how well it tasted cold. I really like the strong flavorful taste of the coffee and I could definitely see myself drinking it again. I love that this coffee is Organically Grown with no artificial preservatives making it healthier to drink. I like the bottle that the coffee comes in as well because it keeps the coffee sealed nicely preserving the freshness of the coffee. I would recommend this Simple Truth Organic Cold Brew Coffee to any coffee lover out there to at least try it once. It really is delicious and it is even made of 100% Arabica Coffee. I love it.