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  • ljflan1212 By  ljflan1212    

    My Absolute Favorite Toner!!

    I finally found the best toner for my skin!! It doesn't burn or irritate my face and I can apply it to ALL of my face, even around my eyes. After using it for the first time, I noticed my pores were smaller, and the blackheads on my nose were less noticeable. The fact that Simple products are completely animal free is a HUGE plus!

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  • lindahusker By  lindahusker    

    I am currently using this toner, it is alright, good for the price but nothing is outstanding about it.

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  • kristi_alonzo By  kristi_alonzo    

    I love this toner and have used it and re-purchased it several times over the last year. It is very soothing and gentle and puts moisture and nutrients back into your skin and you can feel it working while you are applying it. This is DEFINITELY a product I recommend to everyone!!

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  • Libbytuttle By  Libbytuttle    

    Holy grail toner. Only thing that doesn't make my skin burn and get inflamed and red.

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  • jackie5912 By  jackie5912    

    Love this toner and it doesnt irritate my skin !

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  • MzxNiNi By  MzxNiNi    

    I really like this toner. It doesn't dry out or irritate my skin.

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  • LexiBug By  LexiBug    

    This is the only toner I'll use on my face. It doesn't burn, like many others, but still is extremely effective. Immediately after using it, my pores are smaller, bumps have shrunk, and my skin feels tighter without feeling dry.

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  • Taylerbootz By  Taylerbootz    

    I have trouble finding a good toner that doesn't break me out or dry me out. This one is ok. There's nothing really special that it seems to do. It doesn't irritate my skin, but it doesn't make my skin feel any cleaner than the Simple face wash (that I do love).

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  • roseblossom By  roseblossom    

    omg i love.................... this

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  • aprincess7678 By  aprincess7678    

    I am usually not a huge fan of toner but figured I would try it since I liked the other products in their line so well. I am glad I did! This toner did not burn as have some others I have tried in the past. My pores looked smaller and my skin felt refreshed!!

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  • KelseaCole By  KelseaCole    

    After one use, my skin is clearer my pores are smaller! It felt great on my skin. It didn't dry it out and it doesn't sting at all!

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  • jeffshaw999 By  jeffshaw999    

    Finally! A toner that works and doesn't irritate my face. LOVE this stuff works so good. So happy I took a chance and bought this. Will be using it as long as they keep making it.

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  • gustergurl By  gustergurl    

    The bottle caught my eye one day while I was at target. I picked it up & started reading, it sounded good so I bought a bottle. I tried it the next morning & I loved it! My old toner kinda burned when I used it, this doesn't have that burning feeling. It left my skin feeling clean & fresh. I've since converted my whole skin care line to this product line. I love it!

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  • classicredrose By  classicredrose    

    I bought this after I had used my sample of the Simple moisturizer...I love this tones my skin without drying it out!!I will always but this from now on!~!~~

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  • daniellejodi By  daniellejodi    

    Yay for witch hazel! Every summer I buy a bottle of witch hazel for its toning benefits and because it is not drying. The Simple Toner is wonderful because it has witch hazel instead of alcohol and drying acids! I love this new product because it cleans well and tones nicely w/o any sting! It is a pleasure to not look in the mirror after my toner step and see red red skin!

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