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  • Ashley_TX By  Ashley_TX    

    Great everyday wash/ cleanser. My face feels nice and clean after and doesn't get dried out, very gentle product

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  • Persaes By  Persaes    

    It actually works on sensitive skin!

    I have extremely sensitive skin, so bad, that certain jewelry will make my skin light up like a firecracker. This stuff was amazing from the first time I used it. It actually calms my skin when it's irritated, it's gentle but it still cleanses. And it doesn't aggravate my skin or eczema like other washes do. I love it!

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    Great for my sensitive skin

    Love how gentle this cleanser is for my sensitive skin, it doesn't dry it out and leaves it moisturiuzed all day, love!!!!!!

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  • Mainejoanne By  Mainejoanne    

    Simply simple

    Fantastic face wash. This product is thick and foams up a lot but is extremely gentle on the skin. There is zero drying out and fragrance is limited. Also it's a truly clean feeling. The tube lasts a long time because it's so thick and foams so well that you only need a little. I use on a Konjac sponge and it's an incredible, not irritating, non comedogenic purely simple facial cleanser.

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  • Rahne92 By  Rahne92    

    I Love Simple products. They don't smell over perfumed, but this face wash smells nice on its own. It lathers really well, and you don't have to use too much at once so it lasts a long time. It does make me feel pretty clean, and doesn't leave behind any kind of residue. Recommended.

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  • Myopinionmatters2017 By  Myopinionmatters2017    

    really like the after feel to this!

    This is a face wash I really like. I feel like it deep cleans while being gentle on my skin. I can't say enough about how hydrated my skin feels after using it. It has become part of my daily beauty routine. Try it! You will like it too.

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  • Bealishuz1 By  Bealishuz1    

    Soap scum

    Great face wash used it for two years no problems skin felt soft and normal after every wash.

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  • aueloks By  aueloks    

    Affordable Everyday Cleanser

    This is a great everyday cleanser for sensitive skin. I love that it is affordable yet effective. I will continue to buy and use this face wash.

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  • 20365FanOfDavid By  20365FanOfDavid    

    Very nice cleanser, nice scent, not overpowering or too abrasive.

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  • JMRoberts By  JMRoberts    

    This moisturizer leaves my skin feeling light yet completely moisturized. I love this lotion as I have sensitive skin and it kept me from breaking out.

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  • Veronica_elisse By  Veronica_elisse    

    I love this so much!! It's so gentel on my skin and it helps with my acne so much, and believe me that is feat that took forever to overcome!!

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  • moniquee By  moniquee    

    My sister recommended this brand to me. At first I questioned how something so basic could help with the troubles I face with breakouts. I still decided to give it a chance. I washed my face with this facial wash, a little less than a dime sized drop, one night and used the night cream as well. The next morning I woke up and my face was incredibly soft. My mother immediately noticed the difference by simply looking at me. Even a friend of mine felt the difference when his hand accidentally brushed against my face. I would recommend this brand of products for any and everyone.

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  • shemica By  shemica    

    I really enjoyed how it made my skin look and felt after I use this product. So ladies if u Luke it face to feel soft nd look young still give this product a try.

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  • LuluAn By  LuluAn    

    Gentle and light scent but very effective in cleansing. Simple products do not leave my skin feeling oily or heavy. I really trust the Simple brand.

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  • jeannec1 By  jeannec1    

    Absolutely love how my face feels after I use this. I have not only sensitive skin but very dry skin. When I am done washing, my skin feels hydrated and silky smooth. I also feel like my skin has a clean feel to it. Usually even hypoallergenic washes are a problem for my sensitive skin but I have had no issues with this one! Love it!

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