Similac SimplySmart Bottles

Similac SimplySmart Bottles

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Smushed face I received one of these thru the mail to review, and I can honestly say I did not like it. Only good thing about it is that I didn't have a ton of pieces to clean but otherwise I didn't like it to much. Everytime my Lil one used it I felt as though her face would just smush up and she couldn't breath.

I started using these with my daughter and they worked really well in the beginning, but they started leaking round the seal so I stopped using them. I really like the design and quality of the bottles, I just didn't like how they leaked.

I got my free Similac bottle from when they sent me samples it was a great model I loved it but my daughter preferred to be breast-fed over bottle

I got one of these from my OBGYN when I was pregnant with my daughter. I used it when I started her on formula after about a month of breast milk. The only thing I liked about it was the actual look of the bottle, which was stylish. However, the wand thing on the inside did nothing that I could tell, and I had a problem with it leaking all the time. I threw it away after 3 or 4 times using it because it just wasn't worth the fuss.

We received some of these bottles free in the mail from Similac and since they were free we definitely tried them and used them some but they really weren't my first choice. The bottle is really oversized for a newborn or seemed to be for mine so we used it a few times and then just ended up sticking with the other bottles that she was able to kind of grow with. The other thing I didn't really like was that the lid didn't have much twist to it before it was locked into one particular position (hence the blue triangle showing the lid is locked). I like to be able to twist the lid around really tight so that I don't have to worry about it coming off since my baby is a bit wild with her bottle when she doesn't feel like drinking it!

I was excited to receive a coupon in the mail for a Similac Simplysmart bottle. After purchasing it, I was happy with it the first couple of times. After that, I just keep them stored in the back of the bottle cabinet. The bottle is durable but it's a bit too bulky. After a couple uses, it started leaking...a lot! I put the lid on as directed and it leaks. Several attempts later, I finally get it to work but it's just too much hassle. This has happened with both the 5oz bottle and 8oz bottle. I just stick to my good ol' trusty Medela bottles. I didn't see any difference either when my daughter was colicky.

A child in my daycare uses this bottle and I just really think that the nipple is weird. The whole bottle is just too much.

It was an okay bottle. It's not my favorite that we own and I'm glad I only bought one, and that was on accident. It didn't quite fit for our family. There were too many parts, it was difficult to get the nipple back into the lid. However, the plastic is quite durable and the cap with the place for the formula is nice.

I love the design of the bottle but it was a hassle to take all the parts apart to wash.

Use this bottle for my formula fed son, and though I can't say if it helps with air bubbles, the plastic piece inside helps insure the powder mixes well. Also, my son tends to feed well with it, and I didn't have to purchase additional nipples so that the flow was how I needed (slow does not work well for my little guy, as it takes him forever to feed and he will get frustrated and give up feeding before finishing, therefore not staying asleep overnight as long). Would recommend.

Great bottles, a little pricey but my son will only use these bottles.

i got this on a whim, i had a good coupon and thought i would try it... i like it a lot... open design like avent...easy to clean and my little one seems to like it too!! Its a little pricey and im not sure hold long the nipple will hold up because it seems to be a bit flimsy, we'll see! But so far soo good!!

I wanted to love these as I got several free with formula canisters, however they do not mix the formula any better than a regular bottle nor did I notice any few bubbles in the bottle which is what I was really hoping for. Also you have to hold them a cretin direction or they leak

This product is really cool design, quite classy if I have to say. The naturally shaped nipple is a good design for easier switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. The easy mix is quite an awesome idea when you are formula feeding plus the on the go powder cap is perfect for a busy mom like me. The only drawback for this one I would say is that the bottom of the nipple area can be pushed back easily inside when your baby is quite older like mine who is an 8 month old and causing a spill. It happen in 2 days right after I got it. But overall I love this product but maybe more suitable for baby ages 0-6 months.