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  • Hsoto1 By  Hsoto1    

    The best formula

    We?ve used 3 different kinds of Similac trying to get my son on the right formula. We started with Similac Pro-Advance then Sensitive and now we?re on Similac Soy. So far he?s doing great. I?m more happy with Similac than other brands.

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  • Ericabrooke94 By  Ericabrooke94    

    Works well with my little one

    Similac has been the best formula working well for my little one. The Similac reward page sent a check coupon for $15 so far so I'm definitely hooked. Enfamil was only wic improved but didn't agree with my boy too well so I just buy similac with food stamps or cash

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  • Strawberryblondebomb By  Strawberryblondebomb    

    Life saver

    Enfamil made my baby stopped up and gassy. Similac pro total comfort saved her from all of that

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  • Queeniefreebie By  Queeniefreebie    

    Similac Stinks... Literally

    I'm not sure what this stuff is but my husband and I only had to use similac once because I wasn't producing enough breast milk and we didn't have money for Enfamil. I choose Enfamil over similac but it just happened that someone gave me a bottle of similac as a gift for the baby shower. This stuff stinks and I mean bad. I couldn't take the smell or how sticky it is. Even after my son drank it, he threw up more than he would on Enfamil and he's not sensitive in the stomach. When he threw up, we had to wash the sheets right away and use a bunch load of softener. I wouldn't recommend this one but Enfamil was good with my son and daughter once I stopped breastfeeding. Even my son'd mouth started to stink like he had halitosis.

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  • Sa60237 By  Sa60237    

    this is what my baby has been using she had a really bad spit up problem but when her doctor recommended this her spit up problem has been a lot better! great product

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  • stretchybones By  stretchybones    

    Good formula, somewhat expensive

    My son has drank Similac on/off since he was born. He does fine on any type that is not labeled Sensitive/Gentle (that is with all formulas, not just Similac). We got a lot of different samples and formula gifted to us, and he tolerated them well. It is very expensive, so I'm not able to purchase unless it's on sale and I have a coupon.

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  • Smash10 By  Smash10    

    Great product!

    I used Similac throughout my sons first year and I feel like this formula was the best designed to help him grow.

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  • Sashashep By  Sashashep    

    Great formula

    Dissolves well into water, doesn't tend to clump up after shaking. When my son was really small it would give him a bit of gas but by month 4 or so he could drink anything without having issues and this was fine.

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  • Jamandak By  Jamandak    

    Used for both boys

    Used Similac for both of my boys and loved it! The supplementation version was great when switching them from breast milk to formula!

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  • azalee22703 By  azalee22703    

    All of my children have used Similac. We just had a baby who has some GI issues and had to switch to Similac Alimentum. She is no longer constipated and her reflux has significantly reduced. My only complaint is the formula is more than double the price of other similac formulas. So parents that NEED to buy this suffer paying $40 for a 19oz can.

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  • Lizk3983 By  Lizk3983    

    With my 1st child, she had to be in alimentium. So with my 2nd i was prepared for the crazy exspensive formula again. We tried the blue similac. He did ok with it, but with a lot of spit up. After researching, I was super happy to find similac for spit up. It has been our lifesaver. Reduced his spit up by 75%. Its a little more than the regular similac, but not crazy like aluminium.

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  • Rnanunez7 By  Rnanunez7    

    Life saver

    With my first son we tried to breastfeed him but he kept having troubles with his stomach so we decided that we were going to switch him on to formula but he was still have the same problems we've been switched him to Soy and that work perfect

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  • hetty1209 By  hetty1209    

    Love this formula! Use with my son and couldn't ask for anything better!

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  • Amieconway22 By  Amieconway22    


    The number one ingredient is corn syrup solids in most of their formulas! Not a good choice for your babies!!

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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    

    3 Babies Love This Formula

    I have 3 premature babies and this brand was a life saver for them. It is expensive which is unfortunate, but definitely worth it. Doesn't have a nasty smell like Enfamil does.

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