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  • Amandajbowen By  Amandajbowen    

    For all the little's

    My daughter was born 8 weeks early and we tried another formula before this one but it's caused gas this one is perfect she is growing well and almost where she should be for a none preemie 6 month old I would definitely recommend this product!

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  • morgueofmelissa By  morgueofmelissa    

    Great formula brand for preemies.

    My daughter was born 3 weeks early and was very small for her gestational age. She spent over two weeks in the NICU and this is the formula brand and type that was recommended to us if I was unable to keep up with breastfeeding. It is cheaper than any other preemie formula sold in the stores near us and has helped her continue to gain weight after being home. Similac even sends coupons to you if you sign up for their rewards. To me, you can not beat that!

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  • lfreemanlpn By  lfreemanlpn    


    WAY TOO MUCH MONEY, esp when competitors offer same of all for half the cost, not impressed!

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  • Mistysheri By  Mistysheri    

    I absolutely love this formula. My youngest was 5 weeks early & had to be kept in the hospital until he was over 5 lbs. They had him on a different brand of formula & he was losing weight instead of gaining. Finally the doctor switched him to this & he was home less than a week later. It has done wonderfully helping him gain weight!

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