Similac Advance Infant Formula Pre-Measured Powder Singles

Similac Advance Infant Formula Pre-Measured Powder Singles

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Life savers These were lifesavers to have in the bag instead of the huge can. Small, compact, and already pre-measured, so all you had to do was pour it and mix it in the bottle with water. I can't sing this products praises enough. We had this for both of our girls in case they wouldn't take to breastfeeding. They are perfect! Plus is this product didn't make our girls gassy like Enfamil did.

Perfect for travel Perfect for on the go. All ready 2oz distribution.

Similac to the Rescue! Breast is best, but when you can't, then Similac gets the job done!

Trustworthy product My family has always trusted Similac for all of our babies' needs!

Great product i use it all the time. I think everyone should owe these products. There is nothing better then these products

Excellent These to go single formula packets were time saver for us. I grabbed a few when we would go out and easy to make in the car with no powder spills, compared to when I brought small containers and to use scoop. This was our formula for our baby and he loved it.

Awesome invention These single serve formula packets are awesome. I don't like carrying around pre-made formula when I'm out and it's not very convenient to carry around powdered formula in a ziploc bag with a scoop. These packets are 4 ounches each, which is the perfect amount for us. When the baby's hungry I can just grab one, tear it open, and mix it with water in the bottle. No measuring or scoops needed. Super convenient and perfect for on-the-go.