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  • mylesmom By  mylesmom    

    We had gotten this for my son for Christmas one year and really thought it was a poor purchase. It didn't always find the carrot as advertised abd held my sons attention for very little as he got frustrated. I also felt it was a bit pricey.

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  • Stacer20 By  Stacer20    

    My daughter got this for christmas, she loved it. I didnt think it was all that great, sometimes it would "find" her and it was nowhere close. But you cant hide too far from it, also not very mobile on carpet

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  • Seafoam18 By  Seafoam18    

    Annoying as hell. I eventually played hide and seek and hid the rabbit from my girls!

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  • aholt27 By  aholt27    

    My kids were dying for this toy. Someone finally bought it for them, and it was a major disappointment. JoJo can only find your child if they are dangling the carrot right in front of her face. That is a little frustrating to a three year old trying to play hide and seek

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  • croggy By  croggy    

    My sister gave me this and we love very entertaining and fun on a rainy day.

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  • ashleyw31 By  ashleyw31    

    My daughter received JoJo as a birthday present. Before receiving it I never heard of it or seen it before. We were very excited to open it and play with it, but it didn't work like expected. You are supposed to hide with the carrott and the bunny will find you. Unfortunately JoJo can only find you if you are in the room and in direct shot with carrott in hand.

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  • jeska349 By  jeska349    

    My kids wanted this so bad for Christmas two years ago and rarely play with it. Unfortunately, we paid $50 for it when it first came out and it is definitely not worth that. Retailing for $20 now, that may be more accurate. Your kid is supposed to hide with the magic carrot and then Jojo will find them. Jojo can only find them if they are pretty much at a straight shot and in the same room as she needs to keep contact with the carrot. Not a lot of fun in the hiding.

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