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  • SimmonsR By  SimmonsR    

    I really like the taste of this. My Husband thinks it tastes great. The kids do not like this.

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  • AprilBox By  AprilBox    

    Mango flavor is my favorite ,, delicious.

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  • alwaysinl0v3 By  alwaysinl0v3    

    They're good but have a thick texture but not like a smoothie.

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  • proudmrsmcc By  proudmrsmcc    

    I was really suprised how good these were and when we are in a hurry to get out the door and don't have time to make the real thing or as a quick and healthier way to curb a "sweets fix" these smoothies are nice staple to have in the fridge for a active family

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  • DivaDiva50 By  DivaDiva50    

    I haven't tasted this yet however I do drink Silk Very Vanilla Soy milk and it's delicious. I imagine this tastes just as good.

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  • JessieBear53 By  JessieBear53    

    This was surprisingly delicious. It is just very hard to find as not a lot of stores near me are carry the product.

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  • DarilynSue By  DarilynSue    

    I love this product. It's both healthy & delicious!

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  • lshock200 By  lshock200    

    Had this the other day for the first time and it was very good will buy again!

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  • jdrattelade By  jdrattelade    

    Love it. Great alone, or add it to smoothies. I love how Silk never uses GMO soybeans and the sugar in it is relatively low. Delicious!

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  • Lynn4677 By  Lynn4677    

    I enjoy mixing these into my "protein shakes". So delicious, dairy free and good for you!

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  • Mamazuelch By  Mamazuelch    

    My family and I really really love this drink! I use as a base for smoothies, it tastes great and has it's good for you! It's a plus that my kids love the taste!

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  • aholt27 By  aholt27    

    This is a delicious way for someone to gain more protein in their diet. They taste fantastic alone, and better with real fruit blended in

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  • donnab1 By  donnab1    

    I bought this because I had a coupon and it is great. I tried the mixed berry and I sometimes blend it with ice to have a smoothie. Easy way to add more protein to my diet and really enjoy it.

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  • jackrocks By  jackrocks    

    LOVE THIS! My kids have some every morning at breakfast and sometimes with afterschool snack. They love the mango flavor ! Now a new staple in my house!

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  • JettLynn By  JettLynn    

    I love the Fruit and Proteins mixed Berry..Yummy!

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