Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Barbarian delights Barbarous and boistrous tidings from the land of yesterday. I created a universe of time travel and conquering, siccing my nuclear robots on Ghandi and the one Russian guy until they begged me to stop and then they blew up real good. A wonderful way to spend 3 weeks.

A fun turn based strategy game. You can adjust the difficulty level if you want a challenge, and I would recommend turning Barbarians on. This will make the game more interesting, and provides bonuses when you defeat them. Not repetitive if you play with different Civs and use different maps, as this affects how you play the game. I also recommend adjusting your strategy to play into each Civ's strengths (military, science, religion, etc), even if you would not normally go with that sort of victory. I also find it interesting to read about the different Civs and such, especially if you're in multiplayer mode and are waiting for other to make their move. Quite a lot of thought went into the various perks and special units each Civ gets.

I'm an avid gamer and prefer PC based games. Civilization V is just as good if not better than the other civilization games, however I'm partial to strategy games. Great way to kill time, engaging and fun.

This game is a fun way to waste away a day. Playing a regular game takes forever but it's fun the whole time. If you like strategic games this is for you, especially if you play apps such is game of war.

I play a lot of CiV. Too much for my own good sometimes. It's fun to play multiplayer online. I don't find it too repetitive as you can customize your levels, buy the expansion packs, and download mods. That spices everything up, just as playing with friends does.

I had a great time playing it, the first time around, so much so, that I wanted to play again. The second go around wasn't quite so fun, just repetitive really. I would really like it if the game could be changed up more in some way, because the second time I played was a little different from the first but pretty much the same. I also think that the feel of the game could be a bit more modern. It would make it seem less like a basic computer game for kids and more like something a gamer would want to play. Overall, it's fun, but only worth it if it's on sale. However, my boyfriend's brother plays it a lot so I might be the only one who feels this way.