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  • Qmorgs By  Qmorgs    

    This is one of those shows that's so real you have these moments of embarrassment that accompany the thought 'I shouldn't be watching this, it's so personal' before you register that it's just a show as the thought finishes. This show makes being screwed up real and somehow okay. Because life goes on and you deal and plan and figure it out.

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  • Melinda_HomeMadeInterest By  Melinda_HomeMadeInterest    

    I loved this show, I was so sad to see this show end.

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  • BigChas By  BigChas    

    Comedy & drama together. Realistic to the disorder. Toni Collette superb!

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  • taletreader By  taletreader    

    I thought this show did a great job depicting DID, especially how hard it can be on the person's family. Loved the comedy, loved the drama, and who didn't cry a couple of times throughout?

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  • nds313 By  nds313    

    I loved it too!!!! i can't wait until next season.

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  • Jenjoma By  Jenjoma    

    I enjoy the show. I think it is interesting look into the life of someone with DID. It's humorous and at the same time dark and gritty.

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  • loves_hopeful By  loves_hopeful    

    I really like this show, mostly because I identify with it. I understand a lot of what happens with Tara. They did a pretty good job of being realistic about the disorder.

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  • mlhager648 By  mlhager648    

    Freaking HI-LAR-I-OUS!!

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  • dipaolamomma By  dipaolamomma    

    I honestly loved it! Maybe that makes me a bit wierd, but I'm okay with that. I love that it has humor and heart. It's a unique view of the interactions of not just a family, but lovers, friends and outsiders. I actually went ahead and bought Showtime after the free preview. With a zillion "reality" shows and everything else either being geared to the 20-somthings or a very thinly veiled adult soap, I like the depth of this show.

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