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  • Chevygal1981 By  Chevygal1981    

    Somewhat following his real life

    What I saw was a dunk man sleeping with any women but his own wife looking for power with each female he slept with and country he tried to take to war.

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  • Melostar By  Melostar    

    I loved this show! Jonathan Rhys Meyers isn't bad to look at either!

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  • MrsLamberson By  MrsLamberson    

    I loved the tudors series!!! I still watch the reruns.

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  • sbjfap2 By  sbjfap2    

    My DH and I purchased these on DVD and watched them over the summer. GREAT historical show, and you see that, although centuries have passed, sometimes we are not all that different than those who lived before us!

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  • tapgirl By  tapgirl    

    I really enjoyed watching this show. I didn't have Showtime, but my husband and I bought all four seasons and was impressed.

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  • brandgirl By  brandgirl    

    LOVED this show and never missed it when it was on - definitely made that point in history more interesting!

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  • oneangelsmiles By  oneangelsmiles    

    I dearly love watching "period" style movies and this one is no exception. The cast and costumes, the plots and dramam- fantastic! The only gripe that I have is having to wait months between seasons. But I guess it is something to look forward to.

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