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  • Rosalbamomoftwo By  Rosalbamomoftwo    

    Great show about disfunction family

    Great show and story of a disfunctional family that does what does to survive and for thier family. Sibling love and wanting to do better than thier parents but the cycle and neiborhood has it good and bads.

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  • hollyfox By  hollyfox    

    Definitely need to watch

    I would have to say I love this show. It is so funny but definitely not approprate for little kids. If you have a funny sense of humor then you will love this show.

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  • Thom3674 By  Thom3674    

    Love it. I marathoned multiple seasons after my daughter introduced it to me. It?s hilarious and so like I see my own family.

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  • xoholliebear By  xoholliebear    

    Guilty Pleasure

    My guilty pleasure, as well as many other?s. Shameless never fails to leave you short of drama and jaw dropping shock from the character?s actions. Definitely a great binge series. It?s raw, real, eye opening, relatable, the list goes on.

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  • Kaylah-lah By  Kaylah-lah    


    I absolutely love this show. I laugh so hard. Some days when I feel like I'm having a bad day I turn on shameless and realize some people have it way worse bwhahahaha. It's hilarious!

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  • clflanagan91 By  clflanagan91    

    Absolutely love this show! It's the one time every week that for an hour all phones, computers, distractions , are put away and everyone tunes into the tv. The season generally starts around my birthday so I think that's an added bonus and an extra present every year! Every actor on this show does an amazing job, from the father (frank) to the youngest sister(debbie). There is always some type of issue or dilemma going on and I can't wait to watch the story unfold. It's raw, and real they deal with all different walks of life to captivate the audience. Poverty, disease, sexual orientation, relationship issues, you name it this family faces it. I definitely recommend this show !

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  • Simplyalyssaa By  Simplyalyssaa    

    Now now now, this show is the most recent to come into my life. I just got into it about two weeks ago. I marathoned the whole four seasons and I actually plan to do a video on this show sometime soon but I'll keep this short because I can go on about this show. It is probably the BEST written and directed show I've ever watched. It's so raw,real,and relatable. The three R's. It also has the most realistic portrayal and best written gay couple on the show. For that reason alone this show should have more hype and awards. WATCH.

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  • cdgregory2009 By  cdgregory2009    

    Some of the best acting on TV. William H. Macy is awesome as Frank; the father you often love to hate, or occasionally hate to love. Smart writing, shameless storey lines and all things bad. A true test of family bonds and rewarding in their successes. Keep it comin'. I am selective as to who I recommend it to.

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  • tspoone1 By  tspoone1    

    This family is so dysfunctional it makes mine look normal in comparison. Gotta love it!

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  • JesseGBaby By  JesseGBaby    

    I will watch this over and over again! I love this show! And just so happens to be close to where I live so it makes it that much truer

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  • hkysns1 By  hkysns1    

    Love this show! It is so outrageous - the last episode I think I laughed out loud many times! You can't believe how far the writers push the boundaries.

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  • ladygracie By  ladygracie    

    love this show, it could use less porn. No need to see them all having sex. the story is good enough with out porn

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  • sbjfap2 By  sbjfap2    

    I do not enjoy this show. Probably because the actors do such a great job portraying the characters they play. It's very hard for me to watch and not sob through the entire episode.

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  • TVChick By  TVChick    

    It doesn't get any better. Shameless is a fast paced, F-bomb laden romp through the lives of the Gallager family. William H. Macy is so convincing as Frank, the perpetually drunk Father of 5 you can almost smell him through your TV. One of the freshest shows on TV.

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  • bambiluv By  bambiluv    

    Shameless is my guilty pleasure! Sunday ritual do laundry, make a nice dinner, put the kids to bed, and crack up at the antics of all these great characters! The first season just ended and I can not wait till The second starts!

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