Shout Wipes

Shout Wipes

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Conveniant I love these shout wipes. Perfect size to throw in your purse, diaper bag or even in your car console or glove box. Easy to use and you dont have to worry about a stain setting before yoy cam get home.

They definitely come in handy

A must have!!

These things are the best and you can always find them in my purse! They will save your clothes from any horrible stains. These are so perfect for those who have messy husbands/bfs or those with kids, pets ect. I love how much I can trust this product!

I really love these. With 4 kiddos running around and messes always happening they always come in handy. Also don't think just because the stain doesn't come out it doesn't work, once you wash it the stain usually always come out . Great product


it work great. it will remove the stain. but it only remove new stain. not old stain. it don't have a smell which is great. i love it

Recently got this from Target with a coupon I received in the mail. These little packets are great to keep in a small/medium size handbag or in your car glove compartment for emergencies. This little sheet takes the stain with very little rubbing and doesn't ruin the clothes. Great to have on hand.

These wipes do work and are great for my desk drawer at work. The only thing is they always leave a ring on my clothes until washed but that is better than a big spot I guess.

I carry them in the diaper bag nice when I am mom to six kids!!!!

Love these! Can't seem to find them at my local walmart anymore though, can only get them in the $.99 travel size packages...but they're great!

These a very nice to throw in my purse or car for spills.

These are amazing, even if they don't remove all of the stain immediately, you can be sure it will come out in the wash!

I used these on a white skirt I have. A peppermint candy melted or something in the pocket and it bled through to the front of it. It didn't take the spot away immediately, but it is a great pre-treater.

It really does work! I bought a pack of these before my wedding just in case and have used them ever since. Between these and Goo Gone, stains don't have a chance.