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  • pinkadidas178 By  pinkadidas178    

    Love this better than the original. I had some oil/grease stains that needed some help so this worked great. I like being able to spray it and worry about it later when I get to the wash. Be sure to let it sit on the stain for at least 24hrs for set in stains or tough stains. The bottle even recommends longer if needed. I find it easier to spray and let it sit till laundry day- super easy.

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  • Sharaty By  Sharaty    

    This is by far a life saver in my houst full of kids... It is the go too product with our clothes.

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  • HeatherSeasr83 By  HeatherSeasr83    

    Gets stains out really well..I really like Shout

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  • mamalou413 By  mamalou413    

    I have used this many times and I find that it is hit or miss. If you get in and get the stain right away, the product seems to work much better then if I find the stain when doing laundry and have to treat it then. I seems to always have a problem with grease getting on a shirt and then trying to get that off a day later. I have not found much things that will get that type of stain out.

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  • wendyk By  wendyk    

    I have tried this product and the other shout products and found them all to be disappointing at getting stains out. My husband had some dirt on his jeans from gardening and I used the product followed the directions and it didn't get all the dirt stain out.

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