Should You Wait To Say, "We're Pregnant!"?

   By drodriguez  Feb 25, 2012

Many people fret over when is the right time to reveal a pregnancy to friends and family. The standard 12-week wait can sound like ages to some who are bursting with joy and excitement from the news, whereas others are happy to have this time to plan and think about how their lives will change without others offering advice and opinions.

Unfortunately for Drew Barrymore, she may not have a choice of when people find out about her possible good news. TMZ recently published a photo of the actress leaving a doctor’s office with a sonogram in her hand and fiancé Will Kopelman by her side. Though her reps had no comment on the topic of her possible pregnancy, the photo seems to be pretty telling.

But for the rest of us who are not hounded by the flashing cameras of the paparazzi and news of a baby bump won’t break any records, it’s probably a little easier to keep a secret. When to tell that exciting secret is a very personal choice and can often get complicated when both partners can’t agree on when and who to tell first.  One thing that is for sure is that the question of when to tell is a big decision to make that can take a lot of thought and negotiation.

When did you tell loved ones the exciting news of your pregnancy?

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fancyfunction by fancyfunction | HARTSDALE, NY
Feb 27, 2012

When the time comes, I would like to wait the 12 weeks before telling most people. But maybe we'll tell our parents before then. I don't even want to tell people when we start trying b/c I feel it would put unnecessary pressure on us.

dezaray by dezaray | twin falls, ID
Feb 27, 2012

My fist pregancy, i did't tell anyone right away,then @ 10 weeks I miscarried.My second pregnany,I got super sick.Thats how I knew I was pregnant.The doctor said I just had cysts on my ovaries and I was dehydrated.@ days later my pregnancy test came back positive.I told everyone close to me.My third pregnancy, my neighbor found out first.She was there when I took the test.I called my fiance that night. It was funny because he was half a sleep and I told him. He said "oh thats good". It didn't even register.The next morning he called me super early and was like 'did you say we are having a baby"I told him yes and he was so super happy.He told his nephew fist and then we called everyone else up and told them.

midwestkiddoc by midwestkiddoc | Albert Lea, MN
Feb 27, 2012

With our pregnancy, my husband and I decided to wait until I was successfully through the first trimester, and then, we only told family and close friends right away. Shortly thereafter, I also told a few coworkers and my employer to allow them time to plan. While there are never any guarantees, I felt better knowing that we were through the first trimester and that things were going well. It is certainly a personal choice, but I agree with Couponmomfl. I have seen many early announcements result in heartache. It is never easy to lose a baby (at any point in the pregnancy), but I think it is even harder then people ask how the pregnancy is going and you have to explain over and over again.

colliertm by colliertm | savannah, GA
Feb 27, 2012

I have had 5 pregnancies and only 3 children. I tell my friends and family when we find out (CLOSE friends and family, not everyone). I was 12 weeks when we lost the last...being the 4th pregnancy, I was already showing. I NEED my support network to help me through something like this. It is a loss of a child, no matter how early you are. Show me a couple who is not dreaming of baby names and onesies at 8 weeks and I'll show you a couple of robots. You can't go through loss like that without support. When we as a culture are less hush hush about pregnancy loss, it wont be thought of as an "embarrassment" any longer.

MilWifeAsh by MilWifeAsh | SAN DIEGO, CA
Feb 25, 2012

Recently with a friend this very question came up. She had just taken a pregnancy test before valentine's day. I asked her when she was going to tell people. And I was shocked to learn she wanted to tell everyone on FB the next day. I tried to advise her that maybe she should wait until she at least saw a doctor to make sure everything was going good. But she didn't like my advice. She even seemed borderline mad about the advice that I had given. But I only told her that because I've sadly seen one to many of my friends miscarry. And I wanted to save her from the pain of "untelling" a pregnancy. The next day she posted pregnancy pics and a status telling everyone she was pregnant. And then a short few days later she had to "untell" everyone because she miscarried. I really wish she would of taken my advice. I felt terrible for her, I know that must of been painful. That's why I really believe either way you should wait to tell people. That way you don't get your heart broken even more.

MilWifeAsh by MilWifeAsh | SAN DIEGO, CA
Feb 25, 2012

My pregnancy was terrible, from the beginning I was very very ill. But we decided to tell people around 9-10 wks. We had seen the baby alot on ultrasounds and everything with her was going great. Everyone started to wonder why I was never around and always sick. I also was in the ER about every wkd getting liquids from being so dehydrated. Everyone was really concerned. So we told everyone at about 10 wks. Although my parents and best friends knew from the moment I took the test. They all knew we were trying so they all wanted to be the 1st to know either way. Everything went fine and I had a healthy baby.