Should Mannequins Be Made To Look More Like Real Women?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 19, 2013

A new photo making the rounds on Facebook has a lot of people doing a double-take. The picture features a couple of mannequins dressed in lingerie that look very much like real women. What makes these mannequins so different and realistic is that they are more like a size 6 and 10 rather than the size 0 mannequin we have all become so accustomed to seeing.

Women’s Rights News posted the photo of the "plus-sized" mannequins which are on display at a Swedish department store. The caption reads, “Store mannequins in Sweden. They look like real women. The US should invest in some of these.” Immediately the photo went viral and had women everywhere talking about how refreshing it was to see a more realistic sized mannequin to model clothing. After all, don’t we want to see what the clothes will really look like on us?

The idea that young girls who come to these stores with their parents or friends will get an opportunity to see a more healthy and realistic looking body opposed to the models and actors that saturate the media every day is also a major plus. Seeing diverse body types has been proven to actually make girls and women feel more confident that about their own body image.

What do you think of the size 6 and size 10 mannequins being used in this Swedish department?

Would you like to see these larger sizes replace the size 0 mannequins where you shop?

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Sunflowercake by Sunflowercake | Saint Louis, MO
Apr 18, 2013

I have to agree with n earlier comment. I think the idea is wonderful but please stop referring to a size 6 as plus size, that is very wrong!

eiafearless by eiafearless | Memphis, TN
Apr 02, 2013

I believe so because not every person is the same size.Sometimes it stops people that are no so in shape from buying from a store.Instead of doing what Hollywood thinks the average person should look like,do the real thing.Here where I live we use to have real life models posing the windows of the stores,and no of them had any diversity.

brownal10 by brownal10 | Ontario, OH
Mar 29, 2013

That is a very refreshing thought, especially when going into a store and trying on clothes and then you realize that you don't look like that size zero mannequin; is very depressing. So to have mannequins that are in more average sizes of women around the world would be wonderful and a boost to women's self image.

cholcomb4 by cholcomb4 | Cleveland, TN
Mar 24, 2013

I agree but want to add size 12 thru 16!

tracywoowoo by tracywoowoo | SCARBOROUGH, ME
Mar 24, 2013

that would be awesome and realistic, but I sure wish the media would stop referring as 6-10 as plus size. they are not. It is just as offensive, inaccurate, and demoralizing.

jmallett4444 by jmallett4444 | SANTA ROSA, CA
Mar 24, 2013

Yes!!!!! For sure! Things look different on different bodies. Even at Torrid, which is a plus size store, they use the smallest plus size models. It's irritating. Almost like saying, We don't want our clothes on fat models because it's ugly. YOUR A PLUS SIZE STORE!!! Show us what OUR bodies will look like in your clothes!

chaniab by chaniab | Cary, NC
Mar 24, 2013

I think it's wonderful! Women come in all shapes & sizes! :)

BethMcCubbins by BethMcCubbins | Louisville, KY
Mar 21, 2013

I think that it would be very good to see clothes on theses mannequins because it would look more realistic!

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Mar 21, 2013

I like to see how the same clothing item would drape on various body shapes/sizes/heights. I think it's great.

KCR2011 by KCR2011 | bloomsburg, PA
Mar 20, 2013

I think it's a good idea. It would make it would be helpful to actually see what certain clothes would look like on some one of a size 6 to 10.

grammamonsey by grammamonsey | TOPEKA, KS
Mar 20, 2013

I think it's a great idea. Might sell more clothes too.