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  • Cake_Girl By  Cake_Girl    

    as healthy as these noodles are, they are not close to the real deal. They do not have similar texture or taste. I was not satisfied with this low calorie alternative. I would rather go with quinoa type noodles.

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  • barbara_wllms By  barbara_wllms    

    Ok, after seeing Hungry Girl go on and on over these I had to try them. I found them in the organic section of my grocery store and was so excited to have an alternative to pasta. I rinsed them well, dried them well and then added my favorite sauce after cooking them according to the package. OMG, they were the most disgusting thing I'd ever tried to eat. If you'd ever had a night mare about eating worms this was it coming true. Never again!! Now I either use spaghetti squash or rice noodles in place of pasta.

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  • trayce13 By  trayce13    

    rinse well or theres a funky after taste. but with your favorite sauce its the next best thing

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  • kolorlady By  kolorlady    

    Wish I could find these. I have looked everywhere I shop.

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  • vc46880 By  vc46880    

    These noodles are a great alternative to traditional pasta. The noodles are low calorie (20 calories per serving) and low carb which is great for my diet. They are quick to prepare and they taste amazing!

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