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  • kscorey By  kscorey    

    Sherlock Holmes

    This is such a fantastic movie that is precisely as intricate as you would expect any tribute to Sir Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes to be. It is both intellectual and thrilling.

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  • Southernmotherky2 By  Southernmotherky2    

    Robert Downy Jr. can play such a wide range of bad boys. This movie is fun and has some surprises in store.

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  • shanif2 By  shanif2    

    robert downey jr. is something else. i love him. he does his character REALLY well. the movies could have better stories to them, though.

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  • colieblack By  colieblack    

    AMAZING! I was never a Sherlock Holmes fan, but my husband is a big fan. So when the movie came out I went not expecting much. I am a huge fan now. Jude Law, and Robert Downey Jr. have such great chemistry. So much action, comedy, drama, packed into the movie.

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  • dahlia08 By  dahlia08    

    loved this movie. def had alot of action in it and it was great to watch

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  • adegothseir By  adegothseir    

    This was a good movie. It had very good graphics and Robert Downey Jr. is a great actor.

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  • lostbeforedark56 By  lostbeforedark56    

    This film was so amazing, It was a bit slow in the beginning but I found myself enjoying it as I sat through the film. Jude Law did and Wonderful job as Watson. I can't wait for the second film to arrive in theaters.

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    I must admit i got lost for a minute in it but its a great movie with alot of action.i stayed focus and it didnt get bored at all.great actors but at some points a little bit too computer made at the end..but overall a good movie worth watching.

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