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  • taletreader By  taletreader    

    There is usually some off-the-wall thing that comes to mind with a novel that I can express how much I disliked. Even if just a little. The Moment of Everything surprised me when, writing this review, I just could not come up with anything. That's saying something, folks. And you know what it's saying? "Read me." Shelly King has drawn up an exceptionally well-written book that has so much heart to it. All of the characters are strikingly well-rounded with each having their own unique, endearing, and often geeky dialogue. So often I find myself reading dialogue that is just filling up space or is way too awkward, but in The Moment of Everything, it seemed completely natural...which is a wonderful thing! Geek references seem to dominate in a lot of places. But, that's another thing I loved about it. The titles of the chapters even reminded me of the titles of video game quests you would go on with such distinctiveness as "The Silver Needle," "The Venus Glove," and "Fortunes and Foils." Do I think some audience members are going to understand bits of that or like it necessarily? Probably not. But what I do think is that it added a great deal of charm to the book, especially to the character of Maggie, who we focus on. Following the main character, who seems so unsure of her life and herself, I was a little caught up in my emotions. I did not expect this book to be so emotional. There is a certain part of the book that just destroyed me--was it my hormones or was it just the fact that this book did such a good job of expressing love? Before my emotions got the best of me, I was just trying my hardest not to rip my hair out, completely in suspense. I'm usually able to pat myself on the back when it comes to guessing what is about to happen next in a novel or what the entire plot is about, even. No no no. Shelly King put a blind fold on me, pushed me into a dark bookstore, and made me shuffle about to try to find the light switch. There are enough twists and turns to keep you in suspense (and still in the dark) that you have to keep reading, telling yourself another 20 pages won't hurt as long as you figure out what this Avi character is about or what it really means when someone gives you a bike. I've been so horrified by endings lately that I literally started grimacing towards the end. Please don't let it suck, please don't let it suck. I was almost praying. But King delivered. The ending is reflective but not overly sentimental, it's not rushed, and for once in a long time, I actually liked it. (Collective gasp.) *Thanks NetGalley for a copy of this book.


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