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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Love Saving Money

    I love these gift cards. Great for gifts as who doesn't need gas!! I shop fir groceries at Harris Teeter and for 2 years they would sell a $50 card for $40 when you spent $50 at there store. Saved me so much money and was helpful when I traveled. Unfortunately they recently stopped this promotion. But I certainty saved money because for two years. I also started the Shell rewards program which saves me money every time I fill up.

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  • madmax8fan By  madmax8fan    

    We use the shell gift card. I give them to my driving teen because I know the money will go toward gas and not clothing. We buy these thru our band so it is the only way we pay for gas now. You can scan it at the pump like a credit card.

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  • paulab1981 By  paulab1981    

    I think giving gas cards is the easiest way to make someone jump for joy! With gas prices constantly rising, even the smallest amount is helpful. These are brilliant.

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  • McCulley By  McCulley    

    one year all 3 of my kids were given $10 Shell gas cards. You would have thought they were given a million dollars! Every time we went to the gas station, they would pick out a candy bar or a juice and they just beamed when they had to pay. They handed over "their" own credit card.

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