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Pre-Event / Event Prep:

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5 minutes before the content goes live please:
- Email: or text Morgan: 203-592-5252

Download the Kmart App and play around with it - great to encourage people to do so!

Brand: KMART
Timing: Black Friday
Location: TBA (Influencer to Inform)
Concept: Holiday shopping is easy, convenient and fun at KMART

Priority: Keep content authentic to your own voice & Brand channel - We want this to be fun!! Infuse key Kmart messaging as you see naturally fit!

Influencers will be activating across Snapchat, Instagram & Periscope, Please only review your activation portion

Key Messaging:


Here's the assignment:
Instagram Content Creation:

Snapchat Content Creation: 4 posts in total

Broadcasts: 4 in Total; Video or photo

Things to Include in your Snap:

The Giveaway:

Tracking: Please SAVE your snaps!! And Talent to screen-grab 4 snapchats within 24 hours of posting and download content for brand reporting. Please send to:


Periscope Content Creation: 4 posts in total

1st Step: Setup an account on (this will allow for all of your content to be aggregated in spot: i.e,

Broadcasts: 4 in Total; 4-5 minutes in length

Things to Include in your Periscope:

Tracking: Talent to screen-grab 4 Periscopes within 24 hours of posting and should capture the content, but PLEASE save to your Camera role to send. Please send to: