SheSpeaks featured on ABC 6 Action News

   By drodriguez  Sep 14, 2008

SheSpeaks was featured earlier this week on the regional ABC 6 Action News. We would like to welcome all those new members who joined SheSpeaks after viewing this report.

If you did not see this report when it aired now is your chance. You can click here or paste this link in your browser
If commercials appear immediately before the report, you can click to close the pop-up person and then just keep watching.

The report shows two of our members who have tested products and shared their experience and feedback. Thank you to those members, we think they did a great job!

Our CEO and Founder, Aliza also explains that the aim of SheSpeaks is to allow women to have a say in the products and services around them and to have power to influence how these products improve. SheSpeaks is committed to informing companies of our members feedback and to have companies tell us how our members have influenced their products.

We can confirm that there are no plans for "HeSpeaks" the moment. Sorry guys.

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mommaduck by mommaduck | SAINT CHARLES, MO
May 23, 2010

I found SheSpeaks through a blog and I watched the news clip. I cant wait to get started. This is so exciting. Thank you thank you thank you.

leapfroggingmama by leapfroggingmama | portland, NY
Jan 27, 2010

i learned of this from a friend and then on tv. i am very excited to do this!

icetea09 by icetea09 | New York, NY
Jun 20, 2009

I joined after a friend invited me to. She expressed how great the site was and that I would also like the fact that we can all share our experiences.

misskeke4240 by misskeke4240 | Chase City, VA
Mar 25, 2009

This is great for so many more to join. I enjoy this website myself.

cubbieduke by cubbieduke | PHILADELPHIA, PA
Mar 24, 2009

i was registered before ss was focused on 6abc.. i am somewhat disappointed however, i read many posts on various forums and i am wondering why i am not chosen for big product tests.. very disappointing.

wendy_atkin by wendy_atkin | SPRINGFIELD, OH
Feb 04, 2009

They were talking about She Speaks On the Today Show this morning.

Love2fly by Love2fly | Portland, OR
Nov 23, 2008

I am very happy I joined, My neice received a razor at my moms home, and I asked her if I could try it. OH MY SHE SHOUTED HECK NO... I am doing a test and making a report for many woman who may want to try this product. It is important that my test is completed... I remarked OKAY what is it for and she stated in a matter of fact way SHE SPEAKS.

catiiss by catiiss | Pensacola, FL
Oct 13, 2008

I am in the fun,and shespeaks is GREAT!!!! Thanks for letting me participate in the fun!!!

vicky75061 by vicky75061 | Irving, TX
Oct 01, 2008

I am looking forward to having the experience to speak my mind on a product, first hand.

jadedray by jadedray | Nokomis, FL
Sep 27, 2008

I didn't find this site from that news report, but I am a new member and I am looking forward to participating!

the_royalfamily by the_royalfamily | EAGLE MTN, UT
Sep 22, 2008

I am sad i missed the report

Lvn777 by Lvn777 | HIGH RIDGE, MO
Sep 11, 2008

I truly believe there should be a HE Speaks, men have rights to, but hey until SHE SPEAKS ROCKS!

jnmcksmom by jnmcksmom | Grayson, KY
Sep 09, 2008

I did not get to see the news segment but found out about She Speaks on another forum I'm a member of. I am really looking forward to being a member here and making some new friends!

lancelin by lancelin | CHARLOTTE, NC
Aug 30, 2008

Just had my first experience with SheSpeaks allowing me the opportunity to share about a nail color product. This is wonderful cant wait to do more. Thanks in advance.

nomorerain3 by nomorerain3 | TONAWANDA, NY
Aug 15, 2008

i think He Speaks is a great idea although I can't see most men taking this as seriously as women!