SheSpeaks Survey: What Women Really Think of Trump's Win

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 11, 2016

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey after the presidential election. We appreciate you taking the time to share your reactions. The findings of that survey are summarized in the press release below. 

Majority React Negatively but Reflect National Divide: Women Under 35 Revealing Higher Level of Negativity

77% Surprised By Results

Close to 50% Think US is now on Wrong Path

54% View Result Extremely or Somewhat Negatively While 35% View Extremely or Somewhat Positively

Just 19% Believe Result Will Benefit Women

New York, NY, November 11, 2016 – Are women voting against their own interests? An online national survey of women age 18+ conducted by SheSpeaks, the influencer marketing and media platform, the day after the presidential election supports the shock and divide felt across the country after the Trump upset. With 2,172 responses, here are the key takeaways:

  • 77% of women were surprised by the results.
  • 54% view the result extremely (41%) or somewhat (13%) negatively, while 35% view the results extremely (21%) or somewhat (14%) positively. 
  • Almost half (46%) of women feel that the election results will not put the country on the right path, but nearly a third (29%) believe that the results will benefit the country.
  • About half of women (51%) do not believe that the election results will have any bearing on the chances for a woman to become president in the next 25 years; about a third (34%) think it will make electing a woman to the presidency more difficult.
  • Almost half (48%) believe that the election results will not benefit women while a third (33%) believe the results will yield a mix of positive and negative effects on women and only 19% believe it will benefit women.

The survey showed a clear divide between women under 35 and women 35+, with a notable falloff in negative feelings about the election in the 35+ group. In the under 35 group, 59% of women said they felt extremely or somewhat negative about the election results, vs. 51% in the 35+ group.  In addition, 39% of the under 35 group believe that the election results will make it more difficult for a woman to be elected president in the next 25 years; only 30% of women 35+ have that belief.

When asked if they think issues important to women will be affected, responses such as these echoed the national divide:

“I think that the results show that women's issue are not a priority for most men or even for most women.”

“I think we are getting ready to step back in time. Women might not be allowed to vote, obtain abortions, make their own healthcare decisions, etc.”

“I think that Donald Trump was a good choice for America. What the media has said about him has been blown out of proportion. He wants to help the economy, the unborn children of America, and help with terrorism. The tapes that show him in a bad light, I've heard worse from women. I think Hillary was just as guilty in bad mouthing as he was, but he told the truth. All she knew how to do was lie so I don't think she was for women, children or anyone. Only for herself. Go Trump!”

According to Aliza Freud, CEO, SheSpeaks, “We have been monitoring the opinions of our community of 250,000+ women over the course of this election cycle and have noticed all along the divide on whether women would support the first woman running for president. The fact that women did not overwhelmingly vote for Clinton is consistent with what we were finding in our studies over the last 18 months.”

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ima_lil_galaxy by ima_lil_galaxy | Lyndhurst, OH
Nov 16, 2016

I'm 26 w/ an MBA. Donald Trump was the poorest choice & not equitable to the qualifications & experience of Hillary Clinton. She was NEVER able to be prosecuted. He ran on a platform of bigotry & contempt for Muslims, Hispanics/Latinxs, women, LGBTs, individuals w/ disabilities, etc; the media didn't "blow him out of proportion," his own words & lifetime of despicable acts did! He didn't win the popular vote, lost it by over a million & still counting! He frightens people & won't stand for anything proper as outlined in his 100 days. Maybe Congress will obstruct his horrible policies as they did with Obama's worthy ones. I am deeply troubled by Trump's list of potential SC judges. The global economy seems to be at a standstill after Brexit. I don't want to see a partnership w/ globe-hated Russia and their disregard for human rights. I hope good people & organizations band together to combat hate & regression into the past century. America is great, don't take me back to the 50s!

wifeyknifey by wifeyknifey | Denver, CO
Nov 14, 2016

White nationalist leaders are praising Donald Trump's decision to name former Breitbart executive Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, telling CNN in interviews they view Bannon as an advocate in the White House for policies they favor. This is not normal and people need to stop trying to normalize this. It's true, not all Trump supporters are racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, misogynists but some did vote for Trump because they actually are racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynists. And the rest? They may not have voted for Trump because of racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, misogyny... but they definitely voted for him in spite of it.

Justmissash by Justmissash | CLATSKANIE, OR
Nov 14, 2016

I was surprised but happy. Both candidates had good and bad but I am hopeful for change and his 100 day plan sounds great and he is willing to listen to others and compromise.

Msmizmo by Msmizmo | PACIFIC GROVE, CA
Nov 14, 2016

Shocked, stunned and very disappointed to say the least. This election proves that we have the freedom to choose who we want to lead our country, even if there is still a big divide. I'm just hoping we don't go so far backwards now that we have a very "right" leadership. Hopefully the people of color, immigrants and the LGBT community are still accepted and not have to fight for things they have already won. Who knows, maybe Bernie Sanders could have won the presidency since most people I know didn't really believe Trump would actually make it all the way. I'm just holding my breath and hoping for the best. I love this country and everything that it affords me, so I'll just roll with the changes and hope for going forward, not backwards.

lindawinch by lindawinch | TAMARAC, FL
Nov 14, 2016

I think Donald Trump was a poor choice for American people of color and women. The stock market has shown he is not a good choice for the economy. All in all I do not consider him a president I can be proud of. Just in case anyone wants to know I am a college educated white woman.