SheSpeaks Study Reveals Purchase Drivers for Motivating Female Shoppers this Holiday Season

   By drodriguez  Nov 11, 2008

SheSpeaks Study Reveals Purchase Drivers for Motivating Female Shoppers this Holiday Season

Women consumers are key marketing targets this holiday season, as they help spread deals and coupons at a time when consumers are looking to spend less. SheSpeaks, the leading social network for women’s insights and word-of-mouth marketing, found in a recent study of its members that women will rely on their personal networks to find and share the best holiday shopping deals on the Web.

SheSpeaks members are representative of influential and engaged consumers nationwide, and they want to be able to pass along the ’wealth’of being in the know, said Aliza Freud, CEO of SheSpeaks. Brands and retailers really stand to benefit from making women feel like they have access to a unique offer. This year it is especially important for marketers to engage women using direct marketing that gives them a personal
incentive to shop.

A national poll of 2,000 SheSpeaks members revealed that a majority of women intend to limit their budgets, take advantage of coupons and conduct more online research in order to save money this holiday season. Women will look to recommendations and online research to make smart purchase decisions.

Personal recommendations will be the largest influencer on women’s holiday spending. According to the study, nearly 75 percent of women have purchased a product following the recommendation of a family member or acquaintance. Though blogs and shopping sites are also important sources of information, women indicated they are more likely to purchase products a friend or family member has e-mailed them about.

Increasing the circulation of coupons and flyers will play an important role in women’s choice of holiday shopping destinations. In addition to driving traffic to stores and Web sites, the SheSpeaks study found coupons and promo codes will help bolster impulse purchases at stores. More than 75 percent of those polled said they are likely to make additional purchases beyond the items they are intentionally shopping for.

The study revealed that women enjoy sharing deals with others. Two-thirds of poll respondents indicated that they forward online coupons, with nearly 80 percent reporting they have shared a coupon with a friend during the last three months.

Additional results from the SheSpeaks study, conducted in October 2008, can be viewed at

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darnold14 by darnold14 | Quinlan, TX
Oct 27, 2010

I am in the middle of getting mine done. I look for sales but sometimes I know what I want and just get it. Times are so hard for everyone that it seems like we are getting back to more the meaning of the holidays. I always try to do a special gift for family members and this year I have gotten recipes from grandparents and great grandparents , aunts some that are here and no longer with us I wrote stories and added pictures of the people that belonged with the recipe. I can't wait to give them out.

BargainAddict by BargainAddict | Chippewa Falls, WI
Jan 05, 2010

I shop all year round. I watch the blogs/sites deals and get them. This year I made gift baskets from the freebies I get - which turned out great except I think I have more Glade, any type, than our WalMart, and all the others put together and I got them all for free. I even gave away at least 30 & I still have that many left and other items like school supplies, contact solution, toothbrushes, bodywash and on & on. So, my lesson: I bought 2 big plastice bins with covers. In each is a notebook and when I add something to the bin I'm going to write it down so I know where I'm at. It even ended up, unintentionally, that I had got more for 1 granddaughter than the other - and that's a BIG NO NO. Out I went and evened it out. I'm going to have a notebook in my file cabinet with a page for each person and I'll write it down so I'll always know where I'm at....that is IF I follow my own rules that I just outlined for you:)

joy9281 by joy9281 | TOLEDO, OH
Nov 25, 2009


deegaroo by deegaroo | Dallas, TX
Nov 13, 2009

My kids & family will be doing without this Christmas. Inexpensive and useful items only. I hate to say that , but unemployment, salary cuts and higher prices with gas/groceries are really pinching my pocket book. Gifts with purchase will be BIG for me this Christmas. Also books/educational gifts. I wish things were different, there was a time when just free shipping would reel me in. Not any more.

girl17 by girl17 | EAGAN, MN
Nov 12, 2009

The kids in my family LOVE opening presents. What works for us is to buy several little inexpensive things and wrap everything individually. A pack of gum, a pair of socks, a sheet of stickers, etc...they love it! The kids are between 2-8 years of age, so I'm sure this will only work for a few more years!

bensmom09 by bensmom09 | South Jordan, UT
Nov 11, 2009

I try shop within a budget. Once I've decided how much I'm spending on each person on my list I try my best to find the best deals to maximize that person's gift.

loli1707 by loli1707 | BONITA, CA
Nov 06, 2009

I will be HUnting for the best deals .... Its very tight for everybody ...The HUNT is on ..

pjclayton57 by pjclayton57 | Oceanport, NJ
Nov 02, 2009

I have decided that I will be sticking to a holiday budget this year. I always attempt to but things just seem to get out of hand. I made an excel spreadsheet to track all of my expenses and to limit the amount per person. Hopefully detailing it in black and white will help me to stay within the budget limits! I'll let you know how I make out once it's all over!

Dwalker by Dwalker | Acworth, GA
Oct 26, 2009

I like "free" items and big discounts. I LOVE to shop so I will be out there just for the heck of it and I hope I can find a good deal.

momagarry by momagarry | MILWAUKEE, WI
Oct 13, 2009

I will be making an extra effort to save money this holiday season.

mommyrat4 by mommyrat4 | jonesborough, TN
Sep 16, 2009

My husband and my son has both had surgery this year. So between the 2 of them we have racked up about some major dr bills. Both of my kids birthdays are also in December. We have decided to only buy for the kids in our family this year. Most of the adults in our family totally agree with this decision. After all isn't Christmas supposed to be about THE gift?!

MommyReporter by MommyReporter | LAS VEGAS, NV
Sep 05, 2009

I may sound strange... but I actually like Christmas shopping and seeing the stores filled with people. The energy and rush really makes me feel like it's Christmas. Plus, I just love how people seem to be more friendly at that time of year.

Whitestar by Whitestar | Bloomfield Hills, MI
Sep 04, 2009

This is the big reason I like to start my Christmas shopping early. There's no huge drain on the budget once a year, no picking through items that have already been rummaged, no stress, no time overload...just sit by the fire sipping hot chocolate and reading Charles Dickens. And maybe make some cookies-everyone likes to find those in their stockings.

LaneyB by LaneyB | Brick, NJ
Aug 31, 2009

Coupons are the way of the future via circular or web. It will, across the board , cause the consumer to save money in these hard times.

aharring by aharring | Apache Junction, AZ
Aug 22, 2009

As my kids get older it is harder to shop for them, so it will be a perfect year to cut back on the amount they will get for the holidays.