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SheSpeaks Study Reveals Purchase Drivers for Motivating Female Shoppers this Holiday Season

SS Member Image By drodriguez 11.11.08
 SheSpeaks Study Reveals Purchase Drivers for Motivating Female Shoppers this Holiday Season
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SheSpeaks Study Reveals Purchase Drivers for Motivating Female Shoppers this Holiday Season

Women consumers are key marketing targets this holiday season, as they help spread deals and coupons at a time when consumers are looking to spend less. SheSpeaks, the leading social network for women’s insights and word-of-mouth marketing, found in a recent study of its members that women will rely on their personal networks to find and share the best holiday shopping deals on the Web.

SheSpeaks members are representative of influential and engaged consumers nationwide, and they want to be able to pass along the ’wealth’of being in the know, said Aliza Freud, CEO of SheSpeaks. Brands and retailers really stand to benefit from making women feel like they have access to a unique offer. This year it is especially important for marketers to engage women using direct marketing that gives them a personal
incentive to shop.

A national poll of 2,000 SheSpeaks members revealed that a majority of women intend to limit their budgets, take advantage of coupons and conduct more online research in order to save money this holiday season. Women will look to recommendations and online research to make smart purchase decisions.

Personal recommendations will be the largest influencer on women’s holiday spending. According to the study, nearly 75 percent of women have purchased a product following the recommendation of a family member or acquaintance. Though blogs and shopping sites are also important sources of information, women indicated they are more likely to purchase products a friend or family member has e-mailed them about.

Increasing the circulation of coupons and flyers will play an important role in women’s choice of holiday shopping destinations. In addition to driving traffic to stores and Web sites, the SheSpeaks study found coupons and promo codes will help bolster impulse purchases at stores. More than 75 percent of those polled said they are likely to make additional purchases beyond the items they are intentionally shopping for.

The study revealed that women enjoy sharing deals with others. Two-thirds of poll respondents indicated that they forward online coupons, with nearly 80 percent reporting they have shared a coupon with a friend during the last three months.

Additional results from the SheSpeaks study, conducted in October 2008, can be viewed at

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  • patrossi2004 By patrossi2004

    At first I really thought we'd be able to skate right thru this winter... now though my husband has been laid off for two weeks and we are looking at MORE time off. Christmas for us has been bought and done for about a month now (except for a couple little things). I always try to do that so that I don't feel the HUGE pressure around holiday time. But we are still looking at bills and such !! It is a long winter coming up from what I can see. here in our state the unemployment rate is 1out of 10 people without a job. Well I truly hope for the best for everyone !

  • grandma2 By grandma2

    While my husband and I ourselves are not affected by the poor economy I know personally a number of friends and one family member who are. I feel Christmas is for kids and then it is about family and friends. Most adults can do without lots of presents. It is when we can't give our children or grandkids gifts at Christmas that makes it hard. Also the grocery budget can be larger at the holidays and we all want to have special meals and goodies for the holidays too. We just need to remember what is most important at this time of the and family.

  • meowmix By meowmix

    I try to start early and be done before all the stress and last minute things make impulsive decisions. Only problem is It is SO HARD not to wait until Christmas to givethe grandbabies something and have to go get something else anyway! This year, i stuck to my guns, paid cash. There is always lay away too.

  • txgirl06 By txgirl06

    I agree, starting early christmas shopping helps avoid the pitfalls and stresses of holiday shopping. Always go with a list in hand of gifts you want to buy and you can avoid the last minute impulsive purchases. Don't take more cash than you need either and forget the credit cards at home. You can still buy nice things for everyone on your list without breaking your budget. I already have a pile of clothing and toys in my closest for my nieces and nephews and gifts for my immediate family as well. And remember, anything gift you can give is always appreciated.

  • meowmix By meowmix

    I make a list on my computer, and shop and they compare the prices for you, you often get free shipping and no taxes. I have not Christmas shopped in a store for 3 years, and have saved at least half of the amount I would have spent. There is also ebay that you can get stuff cheap or at least find something you cannot find in the store.

  • itsagirl By itsagirl
    11.13.08 is great for comparing prices and watching the sales circulars is what I'll be doing too. This year we are on a stricter budget than previous years and I have been shopping clearance and sales. I'm still holding out for the 'great sales' on Black Friday. I will be one of those that shop on Black Friday since I need to hit all the sales. Cash is the way to go if you can. I've always been successful in shopping on Ebay too. Just have to watch the shipping prices and decide if it's worth buying on Ebay or just going to the stores.

  • MaurChclt By MaurChclt

    This year my husband and I are not exchanging gifts, first time in 38 years. But really, we don't NEED anything and I'd rather spend the money on my kids.

  • ann818marie By ann818marie

    It's not about money and gifts. I think at times like these it's easy to get upset and stressed but why not remember what Christmas is all about. Yeah you want to have gifts for everyone but why not do a Pollyanna or only buy for the kids. Homemade gifts and fresh baked cookies in a decorative container make great gifts. There is no need to go into debt and stress during the holidays!!

  • kyhomebody By kyhomebody

    i have never sent alot on any gift but have always put alot of time and thought into each gift i've purchased or made for someone.i don't like to give generic gifts like candles or chocolates or that dreadful fruitcake. i like the gifts i give to be personal and say i really thought about you .candles are nice if the person youare giving them to really enjoy candles,candles are awful to give to people with alergies to scents or have copd ect. and giving food gifts one should consider is the person they are giving a food gift to diabetic,have allergies to nuts.i have found gifts under 20.00 that were so loved friends have kept them for years and i also have found homemade christmas ornaments to be among the most loved gifts i've given and each year they are hung on the tree with warm thoughts and memories. its not the price,the brand or the size that makes a gift its the personal thought that went into the gift.

  • Moggy08 By Moggy08

    I'm always a frugal shopper and a coupon user so I really don't have to make any adjustments in that area. I also comparison shop online and check out websites that list codes for merchant discounts like "retail me not" where I've found lots of coupon codes that I ended up using and saving with.

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