SheSpeaks January Community Survey

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 07, 2022

We asked SheSpeaks members how they were feeling going into 2022!

Over 1,000 women from the SheSpeaks community weighed in on 2022 goals, female mentorship, social media, and work-life balance, among other topics.

1. 2022 is the year that we say yes to things that fulfill us and no to everything else.
Based on the survey data, only 55 percent of women currently feel fulfilled in their life. A whopping 93 percent of women want to improve some things in their life. And if you feel like you're lacking motivation, you're not alone. 70 percent of women wish they had more motivation.

2. Is your life how you dreamed it five years ago? 
We asked women if their life is what they pictured it would be five years ago, and 44 percent said "no," 38 percent said "somewhat," and 18 percent "yes."

3. This year we are going to celebrate our accomplishments.
Only 56 percent of women said they felt they had something to be proud of last year. To the 44 percent who weren't sure or felt like they had nothing to be proud of, we hope you crush your goals in 2022!

Below you can click through all the January survey responses! We would love to know if any of these resonate with you in the comments below!

What is something you want to improve this year that would make you feel more fulfilled? Also, tell us below if your life is different than what you dreamed, and is it better? What steps are you taking to make your dreams come true in 2022?


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gcampbell by gcampbell | Gulfport, MS
Mar 24, 2023

I want to have a closer walk with the LORD to be more giving of myself and give more help where needed. Stop looking around at problem and try to be more helpful when those in need come around

Lynnie7 by Lynnie7 | Burlington, KY
Mar 08, 2023

I recently moved from Canada my husband is American we're having a rough time one of our four kids was born is usa the other three are born in Canada so they still don't have SSN it's been. So hard my hubby is also prior service military I'm so sad and depressed here I have no friends o feel like such a burden

ErikaJudy by ErikaJudy | MAYSEL, IL
Mar 03, 2023

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serena211 by serena211 | casablanca , OU
Feb 19, 2023

I would like to say that I am a very hardworking person so I do like to get to whatever I want in life even if it would seem hard to get to at first , it becomes easier over the time also I want to improve in my life to become more of a healthy fitness girl and stick to good habits and succeed in life

anika18 by anika18 | Coal Township, PA
Feb 04, 2023

My health

Groovygirl180 by Groovygirl180 | WORCESTER, MA
Feb 03, 2023

Honestly, I feel like a big, old hamster on a wheel. Some days I feel like the world is moving just a little faster than my life is, and I can't seem to get caught up! This year, I want to find a way to leave the rat race and focus on enjoying the rest of my life!

NHolden by NHolden | Strasburg, PA
Jan 16, 2023

My life is wildly different, and so much better than I could ever have imagined. Wow, that sounds little conceded saying it. But it is. I thought my life would be having a career. I was given the old "pat on the back" and sent off to college to get one of those career things. Little did I know when I would get there it just wouldn't be for me. Different folks different strokes, but for me what I had spent four years training to do was not for me. Fast forward to nearly ten years after my college graduation and I am not using my degree one bit. But I do own two businesses with my hubby, I have two beautiful children, and I am lucky enough to get to juggle both of those things. Life is not what I expected. It is more. It is so much more. Seven years into my marriage, and I understand that two can accomplish much more than just one ever could. Adding others into my own orbit changed the whole trajectory of my life, and it is such an exciting adventure to see where life takes us.

Muhbarah by Muhbarah | New York, NY
Jan 14, 2023

My life is even better than what I dreamed. Satisfaction is the secret. I also happy with my faults , it?s simply makes me realize that I?m a human being . We are designed to make mistakes for seeking help from our ALMIGHTY . I would like to improve the connection between ALMIGHTY And me , so , I can be fulfilled and protected all the time.

lilycampers by lilycampers | Seattle , WA
Jan 13, 2023

2023 is gonna be my year

Lonakay by Lonakay | RENOVO, PA
Jan 12, 2023

I have a lot of improvements to make in 2023. I was put down with a broken leg last year. I need to build strength, give my house a good cleaning and drop some bad habits. If I accomplish these goals I will feel so proud of myself.

ileanasanchez by ileanasanchez | El Marques Queretaro, OU
Jan 11, 2023

woman are active and succesful in many areas of professional life

ileanasanchez by ileanasanchez | El Marques Queretaro, OU
Jan 11, 2023

Im very proud of women making her dreams and life achievements come true

ileanasanchez by ileanasanchez | El Marques Queretaro, OU
Jan 11, 2023


ileanasanchez by ileanasanchez | El Marques Queretaro, OU
Jan 11, 2023

I think this is true

ileanasanchez by ileanasanchez | El Marques Queretaro, OU
Jan 11, 2023

I would like to launch a business or a side hustle this 2023