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SheSpeaks 2018 Prediction Survey Results

SheSpeaks 2018 Prediction Survey Results

Last month, we asked you - our members - to share thoughts on what is in store for 2018. We received over 2,100 responses. Do you agree with what other members are thinking? 

Read on to see important highlights from our 2018 Influencer Prediction Survey. Click here to find out more!

#1 New Year, New Me

Many people look at the new year like a fresh start, full of opportunites. We asked members if they felt excited about 2018, if they thought not much would change, or if 2018 will be a tough year for them. 


68% of members reported feeling excited about 2018!

#2 Don't Worry, Be Happy 

New beginnings can stir up a lot of feelings. Here are the top 3 emotions members felt heading into 2018:

  1. Optimistic/Hopeful
  2. Ambitious/Determined
  3. Happy

#3 Let's Talk Politics  

Politics and money may be difficult subjects to discuss for some. We asked our members how they felt about the future of the U.S. economy and politics. Here's what our members thought: 

  • 31% felt that the U.S. economy will improve
  • 39% believe that the U.S. economy will stay the same 
  • 30% think the U.S. economy will get worse
  • 23% said they thought President Trump is doing a good job
  • 51% said they thought President Trump is not doing a good job 

#4 Now Let's Take a Deep Breath and Think Happy Thoughts

Through all the events happening in the world, it's important to take time to care of ourselves. Members shared how they plan to keep themselves happy and balanced in 2018:

  1. Spending time with family
  2. Exercising
  3. Having quiet/meditation time to myself
  4. Spending quality time with friends
  5. Doing things for others, i.e., volunteering
  6. Traveling
  7. Going to Church, Synagogue, Prayer Groups etc
  8. Spa Time

#5 New Years Resolutions

Whether you wrote down your goals/resolutions or not, we all have at least one thing that we'd like to accomplish in the new year. Members shared what they most wanted to accomplish in 2018:

  1. Getting healthy/fit
  2. Getting my finances in order/paying off debt
  3. Spending more time with my family & friends
  4. Getting a raise/new job
  5. Moving to a new home or remodeling my current one
  6. Making a positive impact on my community (i.e., by volunteering more)
  7. Meeting a new love interest
  8. Getting pregnant, having or adopting a child

Do you agree with these results? Did any of them surprise you? Comment and let us know!

Didn't get to participate in this survey? Make sure your profile is up to date - we'd love to hear what you think!

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  • sandysandmeyer By sandysandmeyer

    I think these results a pretty indicative of what the general population feels at this time.

  • MacKenziesMomma1977 By MacKenziesMomma1977

    I agree with some of them.

  • didama By didama

    It's good to see that people are mostly feeling optimistic and happy.

  • eason90 By eason90


  • nickelet11 By nickelet11

    i think Trump is doing ok-more favorably than not. but other than that i agree with them!

  • nicewoman By nicewoman


  • lkats16 By lkats16

    I pretty much agree with these.

  • cutie720 By cutie720

    Definitely agree with a good portion of them. Especially the spending time with family and friends and getting healthy and fit.

  • ShaneSellsSeashells By ShaneSellsSeashells

    I couldn't believe that people didn't feel like the economy was going to approve. Check out the stats and stock market.

  • boo_boo_kitty By boo_boo_kitty

    Very good list of things that are important in today's society.

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