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 stef42678 says:

This year my goals are to get happy with my life and make things happen.  I want to further progress in my career and start focusing on living life rather than just going through the motions of day by day.  So often I am stressed at work or helping others that I forget about me.  I volunteer on my days off and would love to continue that because it is a great feeling to help others. Also, I am going to plan on more timeouts for me to share with friends and relax, start eating healthy and finding some zen moments to enjoy life and happiness.

Hope this feedback helps, I love being a panel member of She Speaks..

Leyla says:

Hi all…my main goal for 2010 is “less is more.” Meaning, less clutter, less hassle, less mess is more free time, more peace, more Zen. I have already started to accomplish my goals by going through all of my Christmas decorations as I packed them away and sending some off to charity to find new homes. I have cleaned out my son’s closet …. I even made it to tossing out old worn-out cookware and seldom used small appliances.
I have two more major rooms to clean out, but I keep myself motivated by knowing that someone else will get use of the things I give to charity and that I will have less to mess with, this freeing me for the adventures I am working hard to create this year.

taralynn says:

here’s my plan for two-thousand-zen, kids:

  1. Move to the other side of California. (NorCal here I come!)
  2. Establish my business in a whole new town/city and hope for the best.
  3. Be happy with what I have at all times.
  4. Be fabulous whenever possible!

Kim says:

My goal this year is to stop obsessing about my body, my hair, my skin - everything on the outside and love the person who is on the inside. I don’t want my daughter to grow up with the horrible body issues that I did. I have decided that I can’t just tell her that she is beautiful on the inside, I have to model it for her by believing it for myself.

Linda says:

I pledge to get rid of unneeded papers and clutter in my home office rooom.  I will buy a shredder (my old one "died" on me), I will get rid of old bank statements, and papers from years ago that we no longer have any use for. Will shred them.  And  put current receipts and current important papers in a folder and mark them.  I will purchase another steel file drawer so I can put more things away and not have it on my desk or on top of bookcases. I have everything neatly stacked but it needs to be put out of the way.

Cara says:

my goals for 2010 are to exercise and eat better....I have been buying the same healthy things each week to ensure daily healthy eating.  I plan to join a gym and to exercise on my own as much as i can.

Laura says:

My goals are to relax by spending more quality time with my 2 year old daughter.  This year I plan to teach her all about the outdoors.  We want to go new places and experience new things for her.  Teach her about the wonderful calming sound of the ocean and the amazing rejuvinating scent of the seqouia’s.  We will watch cloud bunnies go by in the sky and run through wild flowers in the spring.  This is my key to zen and it will all help my daughter grow and learn.  This is the year for family and spiritual growth.

Oakrunner says:

I have made a plan to only eat organic localy grown food. No Mansanto products,they are one of many evil company’s out there hurting the and killing some consumers.

Kimberly says:

My goal for 2010 is to first pay off all of our credit cards and secondly to help my son get the help he needs in school to be successful.

Tina says:

My 2010 goal is simple: to spend a month "living" in Paris. I never backpacked through Europe after college or anything like that, so this is my substitute! I was recently married, so before we settle in and start a family, I want to make this dream come true.

I am lucky enough to have my own design company, so Paris is a place where I can be inspired and soak in the style and culture, all while working remotely. I simply rented a studio apartment and bought the plane ticket and MADE IT HAPPEN! I am definitely feeling an exciting sense of possibility!

Christina says:
This year I plan to pursue my dream with my best friend (my husband). We live in a pretty rough neighborhood that needs a community center. This year, I plan on making zen baby steps toward making this dream come true. I have grant information from an advisor at college, the support of various friends and organizations, and a bunch of kids that don't even realize that this is their 20zen yet! Perfect ingredients to making positive things happen for a community!

Brittany says:

I plan on losing a bit of weight. The biggest part in my plan is "putting down the fork!".. eating less and healthier. Also, using my wii to exercise. I'll be starting at 20mins each day and increasing from there. We'll see how it goes!

Cynthia says:

My current goal is to bring my daughter and father closer together, sometime ago my husband taught my daughter to build websites, he repairs computers.  My goal ,at my daughter suggestion is that when she comes in contact with her customers that need computer repair she will refer them to you guessed it, her dad and he in turn will refer building of websites to her.  How cool is that?  I can't say that I have had no hand at all in the suggestion of this because I did.  I am just now starting to see what a hobby can turn into.  It is a wonderful thing.  What I intend to do by Feb 4th is talk my daughter into building a website for teens and tweens and have my granddaughter, her daughter run it.  A site that is only for kids along with my granddaughter hosting a game night in her hometown and in my town.  A get together for kids,think I maythrow in a few sisters to help out.
Life can be good if we make it good.

Jeannie says:

I am going to accomplish getting my finances in order and dejunk my home.I am going to start shopping smarter use more coupons.Plus start putting a little money back every week.

Vennessa says:

This year I hope to accomplish everything that I was unable to last year. For starters I would love to be able to get myself into better shape and health. Not to mention I would love to be able to splurge once in a while and get a nice relaxing hot stone massage. My biggest goal I think for this year is to be more financially stable and be able to finally make my first home feel like a true home. I have lived here for about a year or two now and still need to fix up minor details and add little accents to make it feel like a true home. One of my goals I have already started to accomplish which is to finally get my teeth straightened. It took me a while but I am finally able to afford to put the braces on and keep up the appointments. Also to help me to keep my cool this year and to help me find peace I have vowed to start a relaxing meditation at least once a week. Normally I am a very calm person but this past year the overwhelming sense of worry consumed me. Of course it was financial worry but now that is all in the past. All in all I am determined to get myself into healthier shape and become more stable and spiritual this year. To everyone dreaming and aspiring for their goals, keep up the dream and the great work. Everything will come to all those who reach and dream.

Josephine says:

My goal is to fight breast cancer. To make everyone aware to check their breast and get mammograms every year. I have breast cancer and I will have chemo and radiation to fight the cancer. My goal is to beat this cancer!! I want to make every woman aware of this terrible cancer. So please get your mammograms!! The sooner you find it the better your chance of survival.

Meg says:

hey there! I've resolved to ALWAYS make time for myself - whether it's a moment with my eyes closed to take a deep breath at the desk, or a great workout, I need to focus on me before I can help everyone else! It really helps me to be at my best.

Sharon says:

Just to make this year about improving me-finishing projects I started, reducing clutter, redecorating, getting healthy and being happy and having a very positive fun year.

Michelle says:

In less than 3 years I have had 2 children, married for the second time, sold a house, bought a house, moved and lost a great paying job despite no formal education.

I love my kids but do not think I can make it as a stay at home mom but do not have the education to get a job paying enough to keep them both in daycare/preschool.  This year I need to figure out what to do and how to do it all while losing 50 lbs.

Yup, I have lost my mind!

June says:

This has been a tough and trying year for my husband and me.
I was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer-Multiple Myloema-last April.  Since then our life has centered around doctor's visits, chemotherapy, and 9 weeks in San Diago at the Scripps Institute for treatment.
Happily I can report I am in total remission with a good, long term prognosis.
My hope for 2010 and many years in the future is to stay healthly and happy.

Cheryl says:

I have decided this year to try harder to find my spiritual center in order to be more grounded and find my inner peace.  I know I need to be happy being me before I can inspire somebody else.  So far I have decided to try to be more organized ( that still needs work) try to eat better (right now I have tried the special K challenge and I feel not only healthier but lighter, trying to lower my blood pressure and improve my cholesterol, its been 5 days lets see how long I can keep it up but so far I feel good and energetic) and I have decided to try to work out more ( I have gotten only 6 workouts in this month but I am going to try to bump that up to 3x's a week then 4 etc)

Becky says:

I plan on going through with losing my "baby" weight this year, since my son is 9-years-old, its time!!!  I plan on washing my makeup off every night and taking better care of my skin, since I do sell Mary Kay and I know it works.  I want to volunteer at my church, as well as attend weekly instead of sporadically.  This is my plan, not my resolution - one day at a time.

Yvonne says:

Art has always been a part of my life. This past year I have pursued my interest in developing my artistic skills. I enrolled in several classes, entered art competitions, and exhibitions. I won the Peoples Choice Award in a local art show and was accepted in a Juried competion The interest and response to my work has been very positive. My goal this year is to continue to develop my skills and possibly start my own business.

Tabetha says:

In 2010 i want to graduate college, with an associates degree in medical assistinng. My goal is to start working at Family Practice Center where I am doing my internship site.

S. Robb says:

In my next year I'd like to deepen my yoga practice, and possibly get my husband to a class..

Robin says:

First,would like to get better,so I can do things on my own,finish my physical therapy,be able to drive ,get my nails done on my own..

Carol says:

I want this year to be one of my greatest years of my life. I want to become debt free, get married, buy a house and lose weight.

Denise says:

My goal is to change how I deal with stress in my life.  To do this I have started meditation and reading the works of Thich Nhat Hanh.  His writings and method of meditation is so simple and gentle.  I can feel a change in how I deal with stress already.

Shannon says:

My main goal for this year is to establish and maintain a successful life with my family (daughter & boyfriend).  Our daughter will be 1 years old in June and we both want to continue to provide for her and build many memories.  Also, I would like to accomplish a better more healthier lifestyle as far as exercise and health goes.  And lastly, I'd like to re-establish my relationship with God.

Sharon says:

Just to make this year about improving me-finishing projects I started, reducing clutter, redecorating, getting healthy and being happy and having a very positive fun year.

Barbara says:

I want to be closer to my big sister and her family.  We have been separated by miles, car troubles, money troubles, etc.  I mean to find ways to connect more with her in the next year.  I also want to find more ways to help the environment.  Especially our coastline.  Since seeing the special on PBS regarding the junk in the water the size of Texas, I am trying as hard as I can to tell everyone about throwing ANYTHING out.  My family has always somewhat laughed at me for "recycling" and going through the trash!!!  I was an environmentalist long before it was fashionable!!!  Or even had a name!!  I try and educate as many people as will listen.  Perhaps I should try new ways to involve all ages in trying to do their best for the world!!