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  • Browneyedgirl90 By  Browneyedgirl90    

    We always use sharpies. They are the best brand pen and marker to buy. I feel they last the longest. Definitely a good buy.

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  • CaityAlexa By  CaityAlexa    

    My husband loves fine point pens and when he found these, he hasn't stopped using them! I love them as well! They're perfect when he has to write his invoices for work because they don't smear or bleed through to the next page, excellent product. Sharpie has always been amazing!

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  • Nellyfrank By  Nellyfrank    

    I like the fine point of the pens, I even use them as a barista at Starbucks. But usually on the paper cups as the writing can be hard to read/doesn't stand out, on the clear cups when you are on a hurry.

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  • deanna519 By  deanna519    

    Perfect pen.

    I am very picky with pens and markers, etc. These are one of my favorites! It doesn't bleed through paper. It also doesn't smudge as easily as some others.

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  • tRuEaPoStOlIc By  tRuEaPoStOlIc    

    Now, I'm all about Sharpie, I use this pen at home and at church. Best marker ever, it doesn't bleed through, and always gets the job done..

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  • indycouponmama By  indycouponmama    

    I could write with these all day long! They are one of my absolute favorites and I am a pen freak! When they are on sale I stock up! Especially the last Office Depot sale when the singles were $.25 each. I think I bought about 50! You can use them for anything. But the fine point makes for great writing that is readable for any age. Not the big bulky sharpie pens that sometimes get hard to read.

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  • birdwhisperer By  birdwhisperer    

    Love these pens! My husband uses them all the time for his ebay and I use them when sending out packages.

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  • jessica562 By  jessica562    

    Love writing with these they work perfect!

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  • Jjohnston1 By  Jjohnston1    

    My favorite pen!!! Nice flow, doesn't bleed, good for writing and drawing fine lines

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  • KathyLovesSharpies By  KathyLovesSharpies    

    These are great to use for all types of art. Sharpie has yet to let me down. I usually stock up from because that seems to be the cheapest place to get sharpies from. If you guys have a better place let me know, because I run through these like cupcakes. :) lol

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  • Doodlebugsygirl By  Doodlebugsygirl    

    Who doesnt love Sharpies???

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  • Liduvina By  Liduvina    

    Good pen, ink flow nice. Doesn't seem to smear

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  • cynthia1918 By  cynthia1918    

    Sharpies are the best, even the pen! I love it for art projects along with colored markers.

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  • grammamonsey By  grammamonsey    

    I have a great fondness for these markers.

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  • KelseaCole By  KelseaCole    

    My little brother is quite the writer, and he LOVES these pens. He says he would only write with pens like this if he had the choice.

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