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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    So much better than other vacuums

    This vacuum is fantastic. When we first got it home and used it, we were stunned at how much dust and dog hair it picked up that our prior vacuum had left behind.

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  • wdionisiolover By  wdionisiolover    

    picks up everything, brush does not collect hair

    This is the ultimate best vacuum ever, it picks up everything, literally everything. I have super long hair and it gets it all, not in the brush but inside the canister. I never find my hair in the brush, its amazing. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, and it picks up every bit of their hair, and my floor is hair and dirt free. It picks up everything from dog food to cat litter perfectly, it doesn't spit any out, it just sucks it all up.

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  • Kristycreel985 By  Kristycreel985    

    Top notch

    I love my shark vacuum will not buy any other brand

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  • Annelieseml By  Annelieseml    

    Best vacuum ever!!

    Amazing. I have bought other vacuums but this one by far has been the best! Ive owned it for a year and have not had any of the issues you typically do. No loss of suction, no belts that have needed replaced. Over all, great! I already have recommended this to a friend and they love theirs as well!!

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  • mindola By  mindola    

    So easy, even my kids get in on the cleaning. I love that I can quickly switch from using the whole vacuum to pulling out the tube and attachments to get the edges! No bags to change is a big plus around here. Lightweight, my 8 & 9 year old can carry it up and down stairs so I am able to delegate the vacuuming!

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  • hmthrasher By  hmthrasher    

    Best Vacuum Ever Bought

    I am very happy with this purchase. This vacuum is lightweight, making it easy to lift off of the base to get hard to reach places like walls or stairs. The suction on this vacuum is incredible. We have multiple dogs in the home, and the brush roll and suction removes all the pet hair. Another handy feature is that the brush roll automatically disengages when you place the vacuum in an upright position while it is still on. This prevents any damage to the vacuum itself or to your flooring. As soon as you lean the vacuum away from the floor, the brush roll automatically engages again. This vacuum comes with the standard hand tools such as a brush attachment and a crevice attachment. In addition, this vacuum also has a specialized attachment for hardwood floors. Finally, this vacuum has a filter that outperforms HEPA standards, keeping dust from re-entering your home.

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  • Cowgirl78 By  Cowgirl78    


    I love this vacuum! It is very lightweight and easy to maneuver. It has very good suction . The dust bin is easy to empty. The only negative to this vacuum is that it tips over very easily when using the attachments. Otherwise, its perfect. Recommend!

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  • candyland0606 By  candyland0606    

    Great Vacuums for Busy Households.

    After years of purchasing inexpensive vacuums that stopped sucking up anything after very little use, I did tons of research and settled on the Shark Lift Away. We love this vacuum. We don't have carpet in our home - only hard floors and rugs. You can switch between the modes by simply changing the power switch (center position for hard floors, all the way back for the rugs). I can hear all the little crumbs and dirt getting sucked up. And the price is pretty great for what you get. Plus, it's lightweight and easy to use, so the kids can help out vacuuming - even the furniture!

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  • noimnotamish By  noimnotamish    

    We love Shark! They have the best products and really last a long time. The clean up is so easy and the power of this vacuum is so awesome.

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  • UrsulaFoster By  UrsulaFoster    

    BUY IT

    I tell you what - I'll be a spokes person for Shark FREE OF CHARGE - this bloody vacuum was worth EVERY PENNY - & the allergy filter ... 3 heartbeats 9mon - 9yrs ... Buy it - just buy it

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  • urbanbluegrassmom By  urbanbluegrassmom    

    Sharks are the best!

    We have this vacuum at work.. Two actually. We had one, and loved it so much we bought a second for the upstairs.

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  • katznat By  katznat    

    Best Vacuum on the Market

    We have always used Dyson Vacuums, we have had up to 6 of them, yes we have a vacuum problems. lol. We decided to purchase a Shark Navigator Lift Away, OMG I feel like I've been living in a dirty house. The Shark picked up so much dirt that the Dyson obviously missed I just couldn't believe it. We have purchased another Shark and I will never buy any other Vacuums. Sharks are the best Vacuums by far!

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  • Scullen By  Scullen    

    Great vacuum

    I opted to trade up to a dyson animal and somewhat regret the move. I've had a shark navigator for about 3.5 years and it still runs smoothly. It's pretty no frills and without all of dysons many attachments (that I realize I never use) but it still gets the job done. We now leave the shark in the basement to do the bottom floor and it seems to do as good a job as the dyson when picking up pet hair and other lint. it also feels less awkward when trying to maneuver the stairs BUT the only win for dyson is that it's stair attachment works much better. Otherwise for the price the shark is as good as any other vacuum.

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  • kayjo02 By  kayjo02    

    dream vacuum

    I absolutely love shark. it picks up pet hair and deep-in-the-carpet dirt so well!

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  • BreezyFbaby By  BreezyFbaby    

    I have a shark professional that I love! It's great at picking up pretty hair and easy to empty. I also use a shark stream mop!

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