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I get this by subscription but feel to many ads and the inserts to subscribe is ridiculous. Good health ideas.

Good information on health and exercise. It gives practical advise on real workouts and exercise to use daily.

Cover is trashy, and the articles are fluff. I'm looking for real people with real bodIes.

I subscribe and enjoy this magazine, especially the reader success stories. This magazine is very motivating and has lots of workout options illustrated every month. I eat whole, unprocessed foods, no dairy and no refined sugars, and I find the recipes hit or miss. The articles are also hit and miss, but every month I find some articles that interest me or apply to me and it is worth the price of subscribing.

This is my go to magazine to stay in shape. Has great recipes and I always find a new exercise to try.

The best magazine.

Love the ideas although I feel like sometimes the fitness is geared to people in better shape than me. Would love to see more articles on beginning fitness and how to increase my level of fitness.

Love the fitness tips and healthy recipes!

fun work-outs

i get this mag in the mail my fav mag

Shape used to be more about healthy living, now it's leaning towards a Cosmo-type magazine.

I don't like that EVERY cover looks more scantly clad than the one before. I think Victoria Secret when I see this...kind of disappointed it is more about sex than SHAPE

Love this magazine with lots of fitness and diet tips and great workout plans.

I love this magazine. It has great inspiring content, good exercising tips and techniques, weather friendly fashion and good celebrities. I am also happy that SHAPE published my letter to them praising them.

I love Shape so much. Their website is amazing too. Their workout and weight loss ideas are innovative and fun. I have learned a lot from reading this magazine!