Seventh Generation Seventh Generation Touch of Cloth Diapers

Seventh Generation Seventh Generation Touch of Cloth Diapers

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Perfect Absolutely amazing diapers. Durable, leak protection, eco friendly and safe for my baby's bottom.

Perfect Diaper I have tried several diaper brands with both my children and these are by far mt favorite.. The Seventh Generation diapers are soft, durable and cute as ever. I prefer these over any other brand and love how gentle they are on my infants skin.

Great product from seventh generations its eco friendly!! They make great baby products!!!

Great diapers and loved the fact that they were all natural which made me feel better using them on my daughter.

These are good diapers and the price is good as well. I don't use these everyday for my kids but I do have a pack stored in my car for on the go. My kids don't get irritated when wearing them and that for me is a huge plus.

I saw these diapers i my local Target store and purchased one pack. I used Seventh Generation diapers with my first child and started using them with my second. I love Seventh Generation diapers. Thin, soft, great fit, ..., ..., ... and more BUT these diapers are different! They are soft...but thats about it. They dont fit my baby so well (run VERY small), i had blow-outs every single day....NOT HAPPY! I am going to order their regular diapers. Hope they still sell them!

I received a sample of these diapers and have been waiting for them to hit stores! The new Touch of Cloth disposable diapers are almost like a hybrid cloth/disposable diaper. They are super absorbent and so very soft! The back sheet of the diaper is actually made with cotton. There are double leak guard cuffs to help prevent against leaks, the elastic band at the top is stretchy yet snug. They are made from plant based product and you can pronounce every thing in the ingredient list. My son has very sensitive skin so the fact that there are no chemicals, perfumes, lotions or other irritants used in these diapers helps to keep him rash free and comfortable!