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  • LLadyJJulie By  LLadyJJulie    

    Not that great..

    They stick together easily; and make a mess trying to unstick (before you even open the pack, they are stuck in a glob.) Cleaning power isnt amazing but it will do the job for rinsed and scraped dishes without tough, stuck on bits.

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  • KellyAnneReviews By  KellyAnneReviews    

    Works well

    I like these auto dish pods. They work really well. My dishes come out clean without any residue or food still on them even on my larger, dirtier loads. I also thinks it's great that there is no fragrances, dyes, or bleach. I'm will definitely be continuing to use these. I received this product for free for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.

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  • parentwithoutamanual By  parentwithoutamanual    

    Soap spots

    I purchased these hoping to be able to stop hand washing sippy cups and bottles which is a never ending task with two toddlers. Unfortunately, I'm back to to hand washing them because they would come out covered in dried soap and spots.

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  • janinelev By  janinelev    

    love this product! i feel good using it knowing that im not putting a whole bunch of chemicals on dishes that we eat from!

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  • noelrocs By  noelrocs    

    Love the eco-friendly, natural aspect. Hate the way it doesn't dissolve, leaves a film, sometimes gets stuck in the door (even with it dry) and so on. The Seventh Generation Dishwasher Gel is where it's at, though! We love, love, love, love that stuff!! Its become a staple at my house. The tabs don't work as well and cost more; love the gel.

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  • Nancy1967 By  Nancy1967    

    Seventh Generation has made a decent product, but it just leaves some residue on all of the dishes. It cleans, but not as well as some other dishwashing soap products.

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  • Katiek By  Katiek    

    I support 7th generation trying to make an eco friendly dish detergent. However, it left powder residue on all of the dishes. I ended up wasting so much water rewashing all of the dishes, it was definitely not environmentally friendly

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  • Bridge6981 By  Bridge6981    

    The package says that these are biodegradable, chlorine and phosphate free, and in a convenient resealable pouch. I like that. I LOVE that this is a natural product that works really well. I normally use commercial dishwasher packs or tablets and these work just as well as anything else I've used. I especially love that it is Earth friendly. Some reviews I have read have users complaining of a film left on their dishes. I personally have not had this problems but have read that if you throw 1/4-1/2 c. of vinegar on your dishes just before starting the dishwasher, it acts as a rinse aid and will prevent filming. I have not had this problem but it would be an eco-friendly suggestion.

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