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  • beauty4free2u By  beauty4free2u    

    I was a little uncertain of how to use this product. On the package it sais: "apply 1 to 2 pumps to fingertips, and massage into damp skin" OR "Mix 1 to 2 pumps in your hand with any lotion or cleanser and massage into skin". So I guess you use this as a moisturizer rather than a serum. Maybe the name "serum" might not be the right choice of words for this product? It is an oil rather than a gel structure so I was very sceptical that this will be to oily for my combination skin. But what a surprise! First thing I noticed was this really awesome smell! It smells organic, but fresh- kinda reminded me on a sauna (you know this stuff they pour into the fire to make it smell good?). The smell quickly fades though but it is really fun when you apply it. Then you think: "oh my, I aplied an oil on my face" and you will keep touching your face to make sure you are not shiny as an polished apple. But second surprise: this oil penetrates your skin deeply and your skin will just feel the smoothest it has ever felt! This stuff really in unbelievable good! I love it!


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