Sephora Triple Action Mascara

Sephora Triple Action Mascara

              Rated #290 in Makeup - Eyes
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I liked this mascara. It lengthened and plumped my lashes and I didn't have to use primer. I had a good experience.

My best friend recommended this to me for my wedding as I was doing my own makeup. I tried it out a few times before my big day, thank god. My eyelashes are long and when I have mascara on they touch under my matter how long I let this dry, halfway through the day if find embarrassing black marks under my eyebrows. Thank god I stuck with my $6 cover girl mascara for my wedding. This mascara definitely looked pretty and made it look like I had eyeliner on, too, but just didn't lasf

Didn't have lasting power. Smudged like crazy and didn't help to give my eyes much of a boost either

I really wanted to like this "expensive" mascara, but it just wouldn't last for me. It went on beautifully, but within a couple of hours I got "raccoon eyes". I kept trying different times and making sure I have powder under my eyes to prevent the raccoon affect, but nothing helped. Even my CoverGirl mascara held up better than this stuff!