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  • teenster3 By  teenster3    

    I used to think I could find good tips in this magazine, but once you've read one, you've read them all and I wish the front cover would offer "real" women as well, not just the fit to trim, cut and paste looking women.

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  • hnatalieann By  hnatalieann    

    I love Self magazine. It has some really good stuff to read in there.

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  • cowboyswife By  cowboyswife    

    I don't like this magazine as much as the other ones out there. I think they should have more covers of real women instead of everyone looking like a supermodel on their cover. It is a little discouraging if you ask me.

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  • MissMommaG By  MissMommaG    

    SELF magazine is one of the best magazines I have ever subscribed to. It is a must have magazine! There is so much valuable information at the site and in the magazine. Each month, the magazine is jammed packed with tips, inspiration, body workouts, healthy living tips, stress relief tips that actually work, meal plans, guides to clothes that actually do fit your body type, body challenges and so much more! I also LOVE the SELF Challenges!

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  • kicken91 By  kicken91    

    pretty good magazine,always having intresting stories and great covers

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  • love2bmom3 By  love2bmom3    

    Great exercise tips and plans. Love the recipes and overall just a great read

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  • JCLonneville By  JCLonneville    

    Good magazine with some good information and exercise plans.

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  • vanders27 By  vanders27    

    This is a great magazine with lots of great articles.

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  • ActiveAshley By  ActiveAshley    

    I love Self. It's in my regular rotation of magazines. I love the workouts and recipes the most. It's one of the best women's health magazines out there!

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  • idevasir By  idevasir    

    This is one of my favorite magazines because the tips are easy to follow. I also like the exercise tips as well as the recipes. Self helps keep my healthy!

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  • sunnyvegan By  sunnyvegan    

    I have read self for at least 12 years now and it still keeps me motivated with workout ideas, recipes, and inspirational stories. The self challenge is so much fun, if you need some tools to keep you healthy and fit, I have found self invaluable.

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  • vanessa722 By  vanessa722    

    I like it! Great magazine! Interesting articles and tips!

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  • rockthebard By  rockthebard    

    I was a subscriber for many years and I still love this magazine. In fact, I plan on ordering again! Unfortunately with being a college student, books and school have to get paid first. I will be happy to have it in my mail box again because my favorite past time was sitting down from a hard day and reading through the articles while having a cup of tea! There is always great advise and inspiring stories to boot.

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  • mintmom By  mintmom    

    I recently canceled my subscription after being a subscriber for the past eight years. The content has become very repetitive and has not grown with me as I've gotten older. I use to love this magazine but it became boring to me and I found that I rarely read through most of the articles.

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  • maroonedonmars By  maroonedonmars    

    One of my favorite women's health magazines. I have been subscribing for a few years now, and content has consistently been great- very informative and inspiring. Great workouts, recipes, and health articles.

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