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Thank you for joining our Seeds of Change Program. We’re looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Inspired by seeds as the foundation of goodness, Seeds of Change is passionate about the way their food is grown and the people who grow it. Seeds of Change wants to make a difference by helping people to know where their food comes from and how it is grown. If you enjoy making and indulging in organic, delicious, and convenient food, then Seeds of Change is for you!

How the Program Works:

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Hashtag: #SeedsOfChangeCA

Facebook: @SeedsofChangeCanada 


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Key Product Messages: Please focus your social posts on the organic rice or grain you receive and its product benefits. Encourage your readers to try Seeds of Change by incorporating it into one of their meals. Be sure to encourage your readers to enter the Seeds of Change online contest (see details below).

Images for Your Post: Please create your own original social post images after you receive the product, but feel free to use the images below if needed.

Let Your Network Know About the Online Contest:

Let your network know about the Seeds of Change online contest for a chance to win a grand prize trip to Prince Edward County, Ontario to enjoy a once in a lifetime meal of original recipes from world renowned Chef Jamie Kennedy made with local, seasonal produce and Seeds of Change. Encourage your audience to enter this contest by visiting his/her local major grocery retailer and picking up Seeds of Change to try at home. Next, enter the code found on the package at