Seduce Your Lover! 5 Tips for Seduction

   By YolandaShoshana  Jul 14, 2011


 The art of seduction has been used since the beginning of time to woo and win someone’s heart. While there are big, extravagant ways you can seduce your lover, there are also simple and easy tricks that you can follow on a daily basis that will convince your partner that you are the sexiest person on the planet. A seductress can take everyday mundane activities from boring to oh la la! Here are 5 magical ways that you can seduce the one that your heart desires.

1. Listen. When I coach people, I am always saying that the sexiest thing they can do is listen. When you listen, you pick up valuable information about the other person, such as their desires, wants, and needs, which is priceless in the art of seduction. This allows for non verbal communication. When you know your partner you  will know what to do when a situation arises. No verbal communication between two people is pure hotness!

2. The tie. One of my classes is teaching women how to tie a man’s tie. Men love it and think it is so sexy. Plus, it is a delicious way to make eye contact. Top it off with a kiss! Surprise him one morning with tying a knot, then send him on his way. You will be on his mind all day. Score!

3. Three little words. Simply walk up and whisper in your lover’s ear, “I love you.” Make sure that is all that you say then make eye contact, smile, and walk away.  Your words are a gift to the person on the other end, so give them to the one that you love.

4. Smile. Nothing is sexier than a nice smile. Have a special smile that you show off to your boo whenever you are in the mood. That smile will be just between the two of you, which makes the gesture even more tantalizing.

5.Sexting. Sending a racy text in the middle of the day is something that can really make someone’s heart flutter. Let him know about all the things you want to do to him later in the day.





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