Secret Outlast Deodorant

Secret Outlast Deodorant

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I used this deodorant for years and it worked great. Eventually I moved on to the clinical strength because I felt that it was not working as it once had.

Works great This is the best deodorant. I absolutely love them smell. Works great.

A must have!! I cannot live without my Secret Outlast deodorant!! The smell is not powdery like some of it's competitors. Also, this Secret Outlast deo lasts throughout a 12 hour day in a hot warehouse. A must have!!!

I like Secret Outlast, I think it works very well, I'm always running around with my two year old son and it seems to hold strong for me! Also the price is great!!

Only because brand I buy. Only deodorant I've found that last and manages body odor all day. Give as personal hygiene gifts to my residential young adult students.

Recommend! I am a Secret user, been preferring Secret over other brands because it keeps me dry the most and lasts the longest. The scents that are available are lovely. I don't have to worry about my clothes getting wet because this keeps me covered.

Secret is my favorite deodorant! It is the only brand I buy

Continually keeps you dry! I absolutely love Secret Outlast Deodorant! It goes on so nicely. It feels soft and silky upon application. It also works! Secret Outlast Deodorant keeps me dry all day through to the next day! It does not leave my clothes white and it does not come off on my clothes. I highly recommend Secret Outlast Deodorant to anyone wanting a good, long lasting anti-perspirant/deodorant that actually does what it claims to do!

secret deodorant I love this gel deodorant is the one I always have for use and without a doubt is the best for me .. I received it in a sample and since then I love it

Fresh Smell I love the smell of this product and how easy it applies to my underarms. I did notice it clumped up about 15 mins after application. It also left a slight residue on the underside of my clothes. Aside from that, the product does last, so no reapplications were needed

This is one of the most dependable deodorants to get you through the day, in my opinion.

Love This I love Secret Outlast deodorant! It absorbs odors throughout the whole day! It doesn't leave any white marks! Also, it keeps the skin soft which prevents any irritation from shaving!

I Love it! It's a little sticky after application and does take a few minutes to dry, but it doesn't get your clothes wet or anything and it lastsALL DAY! AND - best of all - it doesn't irritate my skin like the Secret white solid stick deodorants always have! No redness on my underarms like the white sticks would give me, no white streaks on my cardigan, no wet spots from the gel on my halter dress. Very excited to have received this for testing!

Protected!!! Whether I'm at my job or at the gym, you better believe I'm using Secret Outlast. It's the only deodorant that keeps me dry and smelling fresh. It took me a while to find the product for my body ph/chemistry...this is the ONE. I love the scent availability and a plus, it does not stain my clothes.

Secret It works well and does not leave any white marks on my dark clothes. Does not work as well as men's deo though