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  • Kiki040899 By  Kiki040899    

    Deodorant review

    This is a good product that works well at actually keeping away smell. Honestly my only problem with it is that I don?t like the feel of a gel deodorant going on but once it dries it?s okay.

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  • KellyG1985 By  KellyG1985    

    Cures onion pits in a jiffy!

    Works great and lasts all day. Just wish the price tag was a little smaller.

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  • IVETTE97 By  IVETTE97    

    Great gel deodorant!

    I love this product for the summer! Me personally when I sweat and smell bad, I like to wipe my armpit and apply this deodorant on and it gives such a fresh clean feeling. It does not leave no white stains like any other deodorant would when putting on a shirt. I also recommend you try the scented ones (:

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Premium Protection

    Secret Outlast Xtend has 48 hour odor protection! It goes on clear!

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  • stylediarybyosy By  stylediarybyosy    

    Keeps you dry

    The very best deodorant ever: for its long lasting effect, it?s scent and no stains. I have been stuck on it for years

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  • DoctorPepper By  DoctorPepper    


    It all depends on what you like. I bought this so I wouldn't have any deodorant streaks on my clothes. It does burn if you just shaved your armpits before putting it on. Other than that its fine.

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  • asaywhat By  asaywhat    

    Only deodorant I use

    I love this deodorant and have been using it for years! I can't even imagine going back to the powdered deodorants from Secret because the gel is go on clear and lasts all day

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  • Ardieterle By  Ardieterle    

    I love Secret. It is my favorite deodorant to use and reasonably priced. Love the variety of scents, even discovered a scent free deodorant recently when visiting my mom who is allergic to scented products. Worked great& not to bad for my mom's allergies.

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  • Acoulibaly By  Acoulibaly    

    Not dry enough

    It smells nice but it doesn't do enough to protect me from being sweaty. It doesn't last long for me

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  • mcclure08 By  mcclure08    

    I love Secret!

    I really like how dry this product goes on, considering that it is a gel. It dries quickly and smells great! It also works all day.

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  • Rianne840 By  Rianne840    

    Love this gel deoderant, hope they never stop making it, like trying out all the different scents, way better than the non gel deodorants

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  • Aaliyahduclos21 By  Aaliyahduclos21    

    Love this product and brand ! Smells so good and keeps you smelling great till the end if your day.

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  • Ecbigler By  Ecbigler    

    I haven't used secret for that long but when I started to it worked so much better even as my body started going through peberty and when I found the gel I was set specially since no matter what you could tell it was on.

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  • bndrollins By  bndrollins    

    This deodorant stinks! PUN INTENDED!!! I used this product and it didn't help keep me protected for more than an hour. I do not use clinical strength and typically use a soft solid like Dove. I wanted to try a different deodorant and thought this one would be great. However it was horrible! I used it one day and went to an event. I smelled like BO most of the day. Most embarrassing thing ever!!

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  • Kaylie By  Kaylie    

    This item smells wonderful and last long. I wouldn't try anything else.

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