Secret Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant

Secret Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant

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Nice smell and no residue I like the clear gel and the different options of fragrances. My favorite is vanilla. It's sweet, but not over-powering. It leaves no residue, just a nice, light fragrance.

Smell good all day I love to always smell fresh and comfortable. This does that for me. It?s clear so it doesn?t leave marks on my clothes. It smells great and leaves me feeling refreshed and clean all day. I like to use it right out of the shower in the morning and I don?t have to reapply at all. I?m very impressed by this formula. Highly recommended.

Very good!!! I use this deodorant frequently and it is very good. I am on the bigger side so I need deodorant in other places besides my underarms. This keeps me dry and smelling freah all day.

Excellent Fresh Smelling Deodorant I used to use this deodorant until I discovered sprays (which I prefer more) but this is an excellent deodorant and have used it for years! I prefer the fresh scent one over the fruitier/other scents cause I want a clean smell that doesn't overlap my perfume. It didn't make me sticky and kept me fresh pretty well. On crazy humid days with high temperatures, I did have to apply it twice but I didn't mind. All in all, a wonderful deodorant!

My daughter uses this product. She has very sensitive skin and can't use a lot of products. But for some reason this doesn't irritate her skin at all.

Not a good experience I really enjoyed the scent of this deodorant and I was really wanting to like the gel aspect, but that sadly wasn't the case. Even after the gel dried my armpits felt sticky all throughout the day. I found myself in the bathroom at work a little more than halfway through the day wiping my armpits clean with a wet towel. It was not a good experience!

Product smells nice, a little sticky @ first, but once it dries it's great. I did not need to reapply and feel it kept me feeling & smelling fresh.

Not for me I didn't like the gel. It made my armpits sticky feeling. I sweat a lot and it didn't help me sweat less. The smell was great

Love this deodorant! Big fan! This goes on smooth and dries clear. It doesn?t leave stains on your clothing and allows you to feel your freshest!

Wonderful product I love this deodorant. It smells incredible and keeps me dry all day long! Absolutely wonderful.

Heavenly Scent, Gentle, effective protection Secret Antiperspirant Deodorant Brown Sugar Clear Gel Fresh is a must in everyone's hygiene routine. Secret is a brand I have used and trusted forever. The scent is light and sweet, but not cloying, overpowering, or too heavy. The scent is spot on with actual brown sugar. The formula was gentle on my skin and did not irritate or dry my skin out. The sweat and odor protection was effective for over 48 hours. I usually sweat from hot flashes but was cool as a cucumber when I used this product.