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  • Elliegirl By  Elliegirl    

    Seche Vite products are the BEST!

    This is the BEST top coat out there and believe me I have tried a lot. Yes it is a little pricey but it dries extremely fast and keeps your nails looking great for a long time. I have gone 2 weeks sometimes longer with my nails looking good. The shine it leaves on your nails makes people think you had them done by a manicurist. Seche Vite also makes a polish restorer (thinner) you can add to the top coat if it gets too thick or gooey. I love Seche Vite products.

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  • myrickb By  myrickb    

    BEST Top Coat I've ever used. It's a bit on the pricey side, but worth the money!

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  • Kislam97 By  Kislam97    

    I absolutely love this product. It helps my nails last up to 2 weeks. Can't get enough!!

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  • katiecourtney By  katiecourtney    

    Like this product. Does a good job at drying quickly. not a bad price point

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  • lauren414 By  lauren414    

    Absolutely the best top coat on the market. I paint my nails 1-2 times a week and wouldn't have the time if it wasn't for Seche Vite. It's incredible how fast it dries and how great your nails look. People always assume I get gel manicures. I've painted my nails right before bed before and they are never damaged or smudged.

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  • leighmegs By  leighmegs    

    This stuff is literally the best thing since sliced bread! When I use the topcoat, my mani looks good for AT LEAST a week, but I've gotten much more time out of it, as well, up to two weeks sometimes. It also makes my nails so beautifully shiny. And the best part? It dries almost immediately. So no sitting around for 30 minutes or more, afraid to move your fingers in case you smudge or dent your polish. Within 5 minutes (usually less) I feel fine to do anything without worrying about messing up my mani.

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  • geepear By  geepear    

    definitely dries quickly. however i find that the product in the bottle gets all goopy before i can use it up which is too bad. also i find that it caused a bit of shrinkage near the edge of my nails. i used to use this but have since switched to another topcoat.

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  • DeniceD By  DeniceD    

    I really wanted to like it, but I think it just doesn't work with my nail chemistry. Seems like it never dried. I do use it for craft projects to seal colors in.

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  • laurenpttrsn85 By  laurenpttrsn85    

    Seche Vite is my favorite top coat ever! It has a great consistency and I never use any other top coat. I love how it increases how long the polish last (chips.) I always recommend it when I blog.

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  • SBBAmy By  SBBAmy    

    Pricey top coat, but it works really good. Dries super fast and leaves your nails looking really shiny. The only issue I had with it was that after I had used a little more than half of the bottle it began to get thick and gooey.

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  • Lilone152 By  Lilone152    

    I LOVE this product! Yes, it is a bit smelly. However, you can paint your nails, apply this, and wait no more than 2 minutes, and they are dry. Like, go to bed, no worry of sheet marks dry. Fantastic product for busy lives.

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  • ahmun17 By  ahmun17    

    Best fast drying top coat on the market. While it does have a strong odor, it does such a great job of keeping your polish glossy while drying almost instantly.

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  • islandxsunset By  islandxsunset    

    the best, period.

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  • Racher4 By  Racher4    

    i cannot paint my nails with out this! I have tried so many top coats and this by far is the best! I built a house this summer and would go all day with out gloves doing carpentry work and not a single chip! It smells terrible but it is so worth it! The base coat is fantastic as well.

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  • lauren1974 By  lauren1974    

    This top coat makes my nail polish last so much longer. Hardens my nails. I love love love it

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