Scunci Effortless Beauty Expandable Ponytailer

Scunci Effortless Beauty Expandable Ponytailer

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didn't like it Could not get this to work on my thick hair. I tried several times and couldn't get it to stay.

very hard to use, i would not recommend. ive tried numerous times to use this and still when i do get my hair to work with it it looks odd

I love the scunci products. I have long lightly curly hair. I spend a lot, A LOT, of time outdoors. I have my hair in a ponytail probably 70% of my waking hours. And this product keeps my hair back while I'm riding horses, hauling hay, cleaning stalls, grooming or giving lessons. And - it does it without damaging my hair. It's easy to use, doesn't tangle when I remove and I can even throw it in the wash.

Not a fan it bugs me when im driving and im always driving so it doesnt help

I don't quite like this product, it always ends up with me taking it out, plus when I'm in the car or sitting in the bed with my head resting against the headboard it hurts. It's a non-starter and a no-go for me.

My hair is super thin and fine... The Scunci works great every time, this is the only brand I will use for pulling up my hair or my daughters it never fails... My hair stays in place all day!!! You won't ever find your hair in knots or damaged from it either.

Oh how i love this scunci! It last in my normal thickness hair so well! It looks beautiful as well! A must have!

I have fine, shoulder-length hair that's most often pulled back (especially during the summer). This product does a GREAT job at keeping my hair in place in a bun or ponytail all day, and it looks much neater than an elastic ponytail holder. The two rows of teeth grip my hair without getting caught upon removal. It folds up small to stash in my purse if I decide to take it out, plus it doesn't leave the typical ponytail bump (it makes my straight hair slightly wavy at the ends if it's been in a bun). I would recommend this for fine to medium hair.