ScotchBlue Original Painter's Tape

ScotchBlue Original Painter's Tape

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Must Buy Wonderful product for painters and craft lovers. Helps in creating the colorful pieces of art work. Just with the right glue for a temporary hold. Do ur work and remove. On painted patches after tape removal. A must buy for who really knows how to use it.

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chất lượng keo Loại keo ny rất tốt, độ dnh cao. bạn b ti cũng thch dng loại ny

One and Done! I have tried many different painters tape, but Scotch Blue Original is my go to, it is reliable and consistent. If you haven't used your Scotch Blue Original tape in a while, and you go to grab it off your shelf for a different project in the future, it works just as well as the day you bought it! Other brands and their products never last, they rip prematurely or pull paint off. I have used this tape for art projects and interior painting jobs and it gets the job done. You can't go wrong with this product.

Works great! For any home paint project, from painting an entire house, room or just molding, this tape will make sure you get the straightest cleanest lines possible. I also use for my acrylic painting on canvas for straight lines for horizons or abstracts.

Great tape great value I have never been failed when painting using this tape. It is virtually mess proof. It stays in place and is thick enough to where you can go over and not have to worry about getting paint on anything else.

Love this tape! We love this tape but not necessarily for the reason you would think! We buy it so our kids can create things and hang them on the walls without destroying the paint. All creations and artwork are made with this non-permanent tape and it saves us a lot of heartache. P.s. I have actually used this tape for painting and it?s good but the green stuff is better.

It?s a good tape doesn?t stick well but it was good for when painting a wall or anything else

short term solution Generally blue tape doesnt stick for long, but this holds up! Great for painting at home or taping up samples. It's not great for much else--very niche product

Best painting and crafting ! I use this tape all of the time! I am an artist and I use it In several different types of painting. It is the best for prepping my canvas to keep it clean and stencil work because it comes off absolutely pristine without any damage. Definitely let paint dry completely before even attempting to pull it off, and when you do be patient and do it slow.

Great Tape For Painting This is a great tape for all your painting projects. It is a must to provide clean lines. It goes on easy and removes easy. The only drawback is that it shouldn?t be removed until the paint is dry or it can strip it. But overall a great product.

Easy removal p Clean lines and easy removal make it my go to product when I'm starting a new project. I've recommended this tape to all my family and friends.

My go-to tape for paint projects This is the only painters tape I use! I paint a lot and also enjoy making wood signs and Scotch Blue is always my go-to tape for projects!!

Best painters tape available! This tape removes easily without peeling and it adheres well to all surfaces, including my painted metal stair trim and my brick tiling. And, the paint never bleeds underneath. Also, I like the thickness...helpful to prevent a mistake bump when cutting in.

Trusted Brand Never Disappoints As a DIY enthusiast this is a go-to product!! One of the standout features is its versatility. It adheres well to a variety of surfaces, including painted walls, wood, metal, and even delicate surfaces like wallpaper and freshly painted walls. I also never have to worry about it damaging my walls!