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  • RaquelC By  RaquelC    

    The top never attached correctly so I could never use the way it was intended

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  • dtuten0 By  dtuten0    

    Has improved well

    Its a life saver at Christmas but the handle popped out of the first one i got in about 2009 and i didn't get around to replacing it until resonantly and was very happy that they closed off the chips holding the handle in resonantly i appreciate that they improved the issue so now its perfect

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    Love love love!!! Simple is the best!!

    Love this for presents and crafts. Wish there was more on a cube of regular though.

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  • Abagailfreestuff By  Abagailfreestuff    

    Convenient that you don't have to tear the tape but an unnecessary use of money.

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  • Linda4556 By  Linda4556    

    I really like using pop up tape, especially when wrapping presents. I like how easy it is to use and I love how well the tape works.

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  • jlt8484 By  jlt8484    

    It is so wasy to use this way!! Seems to make it a little more easier!!!! Espically durning the holidays when its seems like this is all you are doing for the whole month!!!

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    Somewhat easy to use. Just wish there was more tape in the pack. Great idea for innovation. Love how easy it is to grab a piece when you need it only using one hand. I use these for wrapping presents.

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    This is very convenient at Christmas when I am trying to wrap gift. I will only buy it if it is on sale because it is not work the extra money otherwise.

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  • solisivette9 By  solisivette9    

    Not worth spending on.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    I totally understand this for a convenience factor, but my mother-in-law bought one of these and all I could think is that it was a huge waste of money. The refills are expensive, you don't get TONS of tape for the refills that you do get, and I can rip a piece of tape off with a standard tape dispenser just as fast (and I can make it however long or short I want, unlike this product). As for wrapping presents, I'll go with the old stand-by cheat of taking a bunch of pieces of tape and sticking them to my son's fingers and asking him to hand me strips as we go along. After all, it just wouldn't be Christmas present wrapping without saying "Tape!" to someone about three hundred times.

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  • amotherandawife By  amotherandawife    

    I use these all the time. So easy and so convenient.

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  • juljakakaka By  juljakakaka    

    I use this one, and i like this!

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  • Dorotea By  Dorotea    

    I like the convenience of the scotch pop-up tapes. I recently found refills on sale, so I am good to go for the gift giving season.

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  • kathym By  kathym    

    Love this product. I am always losing the tape and with it on my hand, it's always there! Refill packs are expensive and hard to find, but I lucked out and found several of the dispensers on deep clearance at Target, so I am good to go.

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  • nbmgwtw By  nbmgwtw    

    When it comes time for the holidays, nothing is more cumbersome than wrapping presents. The taping is the biggest pain for me. I have discovered the Scotch Tape pop-up dispenser. It goes on your wrist and little peices of tape "pop-up" out of the top as you use them. Similar to a tissue box. They help me when wrapping because I can still hold the paper where I need it and I do not have to struggle with the regular tape dispensers. I also do not have to have a ton of little peices stuck all over things to prepare for wrapping. The only down fall is that they run out quickly and replacement packs are hard to find.

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